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Monday 25 June 2012

Lipstick Storage

I have a lot of lipstick, and I like to keep my regular favourites close to hand, so this Muji storage system is on my desk at all times, filled with a selection of favourites.  I tend to do my face and eye-makeup first, then pick whichever lipstick suits my fancy on a particular day, sometimes it's a bit hit and miss, but hey, you have to mix things up for yourself, don't you?  

There are a selection of colours, shades and textures, everything from clear balms, to full-on opaque RED lipsticks (of which there are more than a couple) and stains.  I never know what mood I'm going to be in from day-to-day, so I like to have a proper choice around.

How do you decide which lipstick you're going to wear every day?

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  1. I love that first line "I have a lot of lipsticks" it's like the Queen saying she has some jewellery ;-)

    Love your storage system, my storage system seems to be throw them all in my handbag and then rummage around like a loon looking for the right one in the morning at the bottom of a bag.

    Like an adult version of hide and seek with lipsticks

    1. I do that too - besides these, there's the lipstick box at the end of the bed (obvs for emergencies), the makeup bag (full of lipstick) in my handbag, the drawer full of lipstick in the bathroom ... I could go on ...

  2. When I worked outside the house, I would tailor the lipstick to suit the task. If Head Office were visiting, I was a good consultant and would wear the latest release..if a launch was live I would wear that, and the rest of the time I stuck to my 'go to' of Barbara Daly pinky nude or Sue Moxley Coral..coral looks beautiful under halogen whatever skin tone, eyes were always the same variation of winged eyeliner or too much mascara. Now I'm calling it an acheivement if I remember to put lip balm on.

  3. Love this storage! I really need to get something like this to sort my collection, it's such a mess all jammed into drawers.
    Meg x


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