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Friday, 15 June 2012

Review: Elizabeth Arden Fragrance Free 8 Hour Cream

I still have the first tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream that I ever bought, there's still some left, and it's still perfectly useable.  Yes, I'm a skank, but, well, this stuff lasts forever.  Something else that lasts forever is the scent!  8 Hour Cream is the Marmite of skincare, you either love it, or hate it.  I freely admit, I go through phases of both, the scent is an acquired taste (it's a herbally-linament kind of a thing), and there can be some times where the scent is just too much to bear, so I'd use something else.

So, I was delighted when I heard they were bringing out a "fragrance free" version of 8 Hour Cream! It's a great multi-purpose balm, less natural, admittedly than some of the other balms you've seen on the blog recently, as it has a mineral oil base, but I do find it surprisingly useful, and moisturising, hence having had a tube around (I've bought, and used up others, but I like the retro packaging of my original tube!) for the best part of 20 years ...

Anyhoo, after using the "fragrance free" version for a while, I think the name is a bit of a cheat.  Whilst the fragrance is very definitely a world away from the original "Marmite" fragrance, it's very still a fragranced product, just a whisper rather than a shout.  It's a little sweeter, a little rosier, and very much muted, but it's still there.  It's still, seemingly, identical in formulation to the original though, in colour, texture and use, which is a nice change in a reformulation!

I'd recommend this is you're a fan of the original but have difficulties with the scent, or if you want to try 8 Hour Cream, but have been put off by tales of the scent, but, I must warn you, if you're expecting something that has no scent whatsoever, then you may be disappointed.

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  1. Funny, I have the same thing about the scent of it. And it's seasonal for me. No, honestly. During Autumn and Winter, the scent is down right comforting, and I can cover my face is 8 hour cream as a mask if I feel like it, and be happy as a hippo. Come spring, the pure joy and comfort turn in to nausea and headache.
    Weird how that works... Perhaps one should put the fragrance free version on ones wish list and then batter husband and child to get it for the impending birthday (where I shall turn 21 once more...)

  2. I am not a fan of the scent in the original at all, infact it took me about 3 full size purchased tubes before I actually admitted defeat. However I love the idea that EA applied this to her beloved race horses. I will need to check this out and then work out what to do with my 3 tubes, which do last forever.

  3. I've heard alot about this product! Thanks for reviewing xx

    Newest follower :)


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