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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Sweet Dreams with the Therapur Heavenly Pillow?

Recently, I was sent a Therapur Heavenly Pillow by the team at Dreams, and, as I'm a sucker for a bit of memory foam, I was very happy to try it out.

I've had a memory foam pillow since 2000, and I've reached the point where I find it really difficult to sleep on anything else, I've even taken it on holiday with me to ensure I can sleep when I'm away!   However, it's old, and, well, it could do with replacing, lets face it.

The Therapur Heavenly Pillow from Dreams retails for £69.99, and comes complete with a "Clima-Smartcel" cover, which helps to keep the temperature of your head regulated (uncovered memory foam can be very warm), and is dimpled all over, like a little cloud.  As pillows go, it's very cute!

So, I've been sleeping on this pillow for almost a month now, and how does it fare?  Well, both good and bad, to be honest - it's soft, and very comfortable to sleep on, it feels rather different to my old, moulded tempur pillow, and the "clima-smartcel" cover does indeed doe a good job on regulating the temperature.

However, after a couple of weeks use, it appears to be losing its "memory", and, tends to stay in the shape your head pushes it into overnight (meaning it's constantly slanted on the side your head is on), and I have to turn it over every day, so I don't slip off it.  I don't know if mine is just a bit defective, but if I'd bought this pillow - it's not at all cheap - it's highly likely I'd have returned it to the store by now.  It's still comfortable, but ... for the price, I'd expect it to have kept its shape, I'm afraid.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean - we have memory foam pillows, mattress - basically we are ruined for any other bed. And if we go on holiday we need a suitcase just for our pillows. X


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