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Friday 6 April 2012

Lippie Loves: Stylfile

I know!  Two "Lippie Loves" in one week!  I spoil you people ... [ahem] ... anyhoo, I thought these curved nail files and buffers from former Apprentice contestant Tom Pellereau were going to be a complete gimmick, and I was all ready to write a deeply sarcastic review of them, but I used them, and, well, they're brilliant.

Regular readers will know that I regularly refer to myself as a cack handed muppet.  And the reason for that is because I am ... well ... a cack handed muppet.  I am so cack handed and useless that I don't really file my nails (or pluck my eyebrows for that matter, but that's a tale for another blog post) because I always, and I mean always mess it up.  Surer handed people reading this will be boggling, I'm sure, but it's true.

Anyhoo, I'm digressing, but these are really brilliant. The curve of the files is perfectly calibrated to make them easy to use, and I found getting a great shape on my nails (I prefer a curved shape, personally) was very, very easy. Basically, you just make one or two sweeps from the edge of the nail towards the centre and your nails are shaped and filed in one easy motion. No sawing, and they're very quick.  The buffer takes a little more getting used to, but the curved surfaces work really well on that too.

The file has two usable surfaces, one rough, and the other a little smoother, and the buffer (incidentally, has anyone else ever noticed the proximity of the F to the G standard QWERTY keyboard before?  Just asking ...) has the traditional four surfaces.  I didn't find the buffer worked particularly well on getting rid of nail ridges, but it does give an excellent shine. 

The files are reasonably priced at £4.49 each, and they seem quite durable, the packaging states that they'll last up to 12 months. Personally, I hate the spelling of the name - anyone who knows me knows I'd have an issue with it - and I could definitely live without the inventor's face being all over the packaging (I always find it a bit creepy, to be honest, and, as I don't watch The Apprentice, it's almost entirely redundant) but the product itself is, in my opinion, a complete winner.

I'll be buying myself the travel version asap. It's cute in its little pink spiral to protect your stuff from getting scratched. The files are available on Amazon, in Sainsbury's, and they'll be launching in Boots later this year.  You can take a look at the official Stylfile website here.
The Fine Print: Sample.  Get Lippie is not affiliated in any way with Sir Alan Sugar, but I did used to own an Amstrad emailer phone.  Oh, those were the days.  I binned it after a week.  Anyone remember Betamax?

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  1. I actually really like the look of this nail file, I'm rubbish at doing my nails too, I find it easier to just pay someone to do it for me!

  2. i was actually really skeptical of this file but may have to try it after reading your review!

  3. This looks like something I like. I have a similar straight version of the 4 surface one but find myself trying to curve the file. I need to find this in the US.

  4. I tried my best to stalk him at the recording of You're Fired but he got away dammit!


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