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Sunday 29 April 2012

Engagement Bling II - Monica Vinader Mini Luna

I was devastated when the original engagement rings MrLippie and I had decided on turned out to be ... not as high in quality as we would have liked, two of them kept dulling, and marking my finger, so, it was with some regret that we decided to replace them.  I'd had my eye on the rings at Monica Vinader for a while, and initially had my heart set on the Medina Faceted ring in Labradorite, but, when we got to the store yesterday, it just looked wrong on my tiny, stumpy fingers, we we went for the Mini Luna ring in labradorite instead (which is the one on the left in the photo above).  But, because I never do things in halves (I'm an accountant, I fear fractions), we had to buy the amethyst version too ...

Personally, I love the chequerboard faceting on both rings, 

And the hammered finish on the bands:

 I also love how snugly the bands fit together, too.  Making them extremely comfortable to wear.

Best of all, when we were instore on Saturday, Monica Vinader had an engraver in-store, so MrLippie had one of them inscribed:

It reads: "Love Without Limit"
As they're stacking rings, I've been able to add one of the rings from my original set back to these two, here's how I've been wearing them recently:

And, because I've found it next to impossible to capture the blue flash in the Labradorite ring with my "real" camera, here's a bonus instagram pic (from the iphone) that does capture it:

I love these rings!  And, best of all, there's an entire store FULL of bits and bobs to mix and match with.

Yes, M, that is a hint ...  Oh, and Monica Vinader have an engraver in-store every Saturday ...

More wedding stuff soon, lots going on!

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  1. They are absolutely stunning.

  2. Oh how lovely, I am so excited for you x

  3. Beautiful, the colours really compliment each other!
    Mr Lippie was very sweet getting one engraved! How lucky are you!

    Thanks for sharing!


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