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Monday 11 July 2011

Some Holiday Snaps

I spent the last few weeks in Carvoeiro on the Algarve, and I thought you might like to see some holiday snaps:

 This was our second visit, and we'll most definitely be going back, I love the place, even if my legs are still recovering from all the hill walking on this trip!

Our favourite places to visit in Carvoeiro are:
Onze (don't miss this place if you get a chance to go, Ricardo and his team are amazing),
Taste (a little off the beaten track, but amazing tapas in a wonderful setting) 
and Jokers, which is the only place in the world ever to get Mr Lippie taking part in karaoke! (and they have Wifi)  Say hello to Sarah  when you get there ... and if she offers you a Ciroc, it's on me ...

The Fine Print: Nothing to declare in this post - this was a holiday!
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  1. It looks amazing! I've never thought about going to the Algarve before but the first two pictures have sold it to me!

  2. It's looks fabulous! I haven't been on a 'proper' holiday in years. These pictures make me long to get away!!
    Jane x

  3. the algarve is high on my list! my husband and his fam are from portugal and i *so* want to visit (we went once in 09 but didn't make it to the coast) - stunning, stunning!

  4. woah, this is how late and behind i am with commenting. this post (and your nails nails nails one) have been sitting in my reader favorited waiting for the moment when i have a bit of time to comment. The place looks absolutely stunning, loved the tiled stuff and I totally can see how you've been walking so much!! xx

  5. Oh my gosh *___* I want to go to there.


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