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Saturday 30 July 2011

OPI Rally Pretty Pink

Whilst this is indeed "Rally Pretty" (Dear OPI, with these puns, truly you are spoiling us), I'm not entirely sure I'd call it pink. What say you?

(artificial light)

(artificial light)

(artificial light with flash) bit pink here ...

(natural light)

Of all of these shots, I think the daylight one is the one I prefer.

OPI Rally Pretty Pink is one of the Serena Williams creations, and comes in a duo pack with a red crackle glaze. Which I hate. That's why I'm not showing it to you. So there.



  1. Oh, you know, I think I like the one with flash best. It looks a bit mauvey-purple. It's hard to pin down though, isn't it. Is it a holo or a glitter formula?
    MB x

  2. I'm with you on the 'Daylight' picture and I wouldn't call it pink either... definitely not my cup of tea!


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