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Wednesday 8 December 2010

My Favourite ... Red Lipsticks

Yesterday, I showed you my favourite pink lipsticks, today I'm showing you my favourite reds.  My search for the perfect red has been going on longer than the one for the perfect pink, so some of these reds are very old ...

L-R we have Guerlain Geisha, Lord & Berry China Red, Chanel Flash, Chanel Barcelona Red, Beaute Masochist, All for Eve Red, Nars Pop Life.


(click to enlarge)

Guerlain Rouge G and Lord & Berry China Red are very similar in shade, although the Lord & Berry is slightly more matte in texture, both of these are great brick-reds, which are, by far the easiest shades of red for me to wear.  Both longlasting,both vibrant, these are probably my favourites.

The two Chanel shades are rather more brown, Chanel Flash is a limited edition from some years ago, and I bought it mainly because I fell in love with the silver overspray!  As it's probably the darkest shade here, this is one I tend to wear mainly with neutral eye looks.  Barcelona Red is actually quite a bit brighter, but I think being next to Masochist is making it look more brown than it actually is.

Masochist Weighless Lipcreme is the most beautiful glossy shade.  It's impossible to keep neat for more than an hour or so, but it's beautiful.  Very beautiful.

All for Eve Red is the bluest shade here, initially I thought I wouldn't be able to wear it, but it works suprisingly well with my pale olive skin tone.  This is a gorgeous, wearable shade for most people, and it's one I recommend at any and all occasions.

NARS Pop Life is the softest red in this selection, and it veers a little towards coral owing to the fine golden shimmer, again not the longest lasting of reds, but it's a great entry-level red, owing to the softness of the shade.

What are your favourite red lipsticks?


  1. I love Red lipsticks, but have none of those. Need to get to shopping, especially for that Beaute Masochist. Looks amazing.

  2. Mine is definitely Mac Rubywoo, I just love the retro matte texture - amazing!!!


  3. So which is your favorite? I've been going through a red phase too, obsessed with the nails. It's hard to find a real red. And have you tried Julie Hewett's lipsticks? She adores red.

  4. Ahhh you have a Beaute lipcreme! *is immensely jealous* My favourite reds are Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque, MAC Russian Red lipstick and lipglass, and MAC Ruby Woo. I'm a masochist and actually enjoy the texture of Ruby Woo :X

  5. I am forever on the quest to find my perfect red! At the moment my favourite is my No.7 Opulence lipstick for an evening.


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