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Thursday 9 December 2010

My Favourite ... Neutral Blushers

After a few days showing you my favourite bright lip shades, I thought I'd show you what I wear with them. To be honest, my blusher collection is pretty small, as it's only something I discovered properly a few years ago.  When I was younger, I didn't, really, see the point, but now I know it's actually a vital product for ensuring you look healthy and glowing.  Now, I'm not addicted (much ...) but it's something I'm slowly adding to my collection of.

Blush-wise I find pinks and reds tricksy to wear, so I tend to veer towards peachy/coral and bronze shades (rightly or wrongly) these shades though, are neutral enough to wear with whatever other makeup I'm wearing, and they're hard to overapply.

Clockwise from top left, we have, Avon Earthern Rose, NARS Doucer, Daniel Sandler Natural Beauty, MAC Prism (yes, I do occasionally use MAC) and Le Metier de Beaute in Tenne.


(click to enlarge)

These are all swatched very heavily to show up in the photo, part of the joy of these shades is that they tend to blend in with the skin very well, but that kind of makes them difficult to photograph.

Avon Earthen Rose is the shade with the most orange, and is better when I'm wearing warmer makeup, I like to use this as a very pale bronzer shade, and it's good for using as a contour powder too.  Sometimes, a girl NEEDS cheekbones!

NARS Doucer, my current favourite there's a fair bit of pink in this one, which means that it brightens a wee bit more than the Avon shade, and I find it goes perfectly well with most every kind of look.  I bought a backup recently.  It's exceedingly difficult to overapply, so a perfect blush for these dark mornings!

Daniel Sandler Natural Beauty, the lightest, and peachiest of these shades, this is good for just adding a hint of colour to more dramatic makeup, I find.

MAC Prism is very similar in tone to NARS Doucer, but it's base shade is peach rather than pink.  This is actually a recent rediscovery for me (I found it when I was moving house in October), and I've had it for years, I've no idea if it's part of the permanent line or not.  If my makeup is leaning towards gold I'll pick this up over the Doucer, but I find the NARS is slightly more pigmented, making it easier to apply.

Le Metier de Beaute creme blush in Tenne was one of those shades that I thought was deadly dull and "muddy" when I received it in a goody bag earlier this year, but the muddiness was just the top layer, once swatched, this is actually a glorious neutral creme blush, that is great when I'm just wearing tinted moisturiser.  It's not to be used near powder, under any circumstances!

What do you tend to pair with your brights?


  1. Le metier de Beaute Tenne looks awesome! Where did you get it from?

  2. you got me curious about MAC Prism now :) yes blush is very essential for a glowy/healthy look :D

  3. Very, very interesting. I own Earthen Rose. I wanted Douceur but heard that it was too similar to my all time favourite MAC Cubic. As you know I was interested in Tenne too.

    I think that EB After Sunset is similar to these but just a touch darker. Definitely another favourite in the MB house!

    Thanks for the swatches x

  4. so, just curious as I have yet to venture into Le metier, what happens when it gets near powder?

  5. Oooh I may have to look into MAC Prism, especially since it's so close to Douceur. I always just pair MAC Blushbaby with my looks if I'm not sure what blush to wear >____<

  6. I recently picked up MAC Blushbaby to use as a contour rather than using bronzer which looks totally unnatural on my skin! I tried NARS Douceur recently as I heard Christina Hendricks uses it, but it looked too dark on me, even though she looks paler than me!
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    Kat x


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