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Tuesday 7 December 2010

My Favourite ... Pink Lipsticks

 It's coming up to Christmas, and to me, that always means more colourful makeup.  Well, when I say more colourful makeup, what I actually mean is brighter lipstick, which I'm usually happy to pair with a smokey eye look.  I love pink lipstick almost as much as I do red lipstick, although this year, it's entirely possible that my search for the perfect pink lipstick has overtaken my search for the perfect red!

The products you can see above are (l-r) Edward Bess Island Rose, New CID Daiquiri, Chanel India, Tom Ford Pure Pink, Elf Fuschia Fanatic, Guerlain Georgia.


(click to enlarge)

The Edward Bess, whilst it's not - strictly - a lipstick (it's actually a blusher), is one of my favourite shades, a raspberry that pulls slightly cool on my skin, but has a glorious velvety texture, and it's nice, sometimes, to match your lips to your blush.
New CID Daiquiri is a fairly opaque gloss, with golden sparkles.  I find it gives a good, sheer finish, whilst still giving your lips a nice pop of colour.

Chanel India, long discontinued, you can see from the top picture how much I've loved it over the years!  I'm hoarding this last little nubbin for as long as I possibly can.  A more rosey shade than the others, it's also on the muted side for me, but I love it a great deal.  For a long time, this was one of the "brightest" lipsticks I owned, can you imagine?

Tom Ford, Pure Pink, the coolest, and brightest pink of the lot.  I like this one a great deal. Moist, and allegedly made of purest crack, it's the lipstick that may cause me to bankrupt myself ...

And from the sublimely expensive, to the insanely bargainous: ELF Fuschia Fanatic plumping lipglaze.  A dual-ended lip colour, with a pink stain at one end, and a lightly frosted gloss at the other, you can wear the shades singly or together one over the other (it works whichever shade you apply first too, which is nice), this is a nice, tingly lipcolour that I like to wear for work.

And, what is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time: Guerlain Rouge G in Georgia.  I love this shade. It's a nice, bright (but not as punchy as, say, the Tom Ford), brightening lipstick, that lightens up your whole face when you wear it, it's glorious.  And a wonderful moisturising, but not too greasy formula too.

What are you favourite pink lipsticks?  Tomorrow, I'll be showing you some of my favourite reds ...


  1. I own too many pink lip sticks and lip glosses to count! I think my favourite would have to be a Lancome one that was part of the spring collection in.. 2009? I also bought the hot pink lip gloss from that collection as well. They're both insanely bright and sparkely.

  2. These all look glorious. I'm nervous of pink though, I tend to go for quite muted mid-toned pinks. I really like EB Night Romance it's a deep raspberry but again, quite muted. I think maybe I should give something more vibrant a try!


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