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Friday 2 July 2010

Guest Post: Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy – Initial Thoughts

Long one of my favourite bloggers, I'm delighted to introduce you to Sirvinya from Confessions of a makeup Addict today, take it away, Sirvinya!


Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy – Initial Thoughts 
Hi everyone! I must say I’m honoured to be picked for one of Get Lippie’s guest bloggers. While racking my brains for something to share today, I had been messing around with Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. Since I have been talking about this stuff constantly, I thought I’d give you a little “mini-review” of my initial thoughts on this amazing, wonderful, miracle product.

Available on for $7.00 (samples are $1.50).

I saw reviews for this stuff everywhere for months before I finally got round to ordering it. I’ve got to admit, I was sceptical. As the make up addict that I am, I have tried a heck of a lot of supposed “wonder” products. I ended up over on the Fyrinnae one day to order some of the new shades and added a sample of Pixie Epoxy to my cart. Then I took it straight back out and added a full size.
This stuff is amazing.

Seriously, it’s completely changed the way I deal with mineral make up. You only have to apply the teeniest possible amount. A dot to my lid will spread to cover my whole lid. Applying too much will give a really patchy, clumpy result so apply half as much as you think. You can always add more. Then wait for it to turn tacky (no more than 15 seconds). I then pat on whichever pigment to get a covering on my lid, then sweep my brush over the top to blend.
I’d say this works better than foiling. You know how I feel about foiling (I love it, in case you haven’t seen my blog).

I’ve done some quick and dirty swatching for you!

Urban Decay Primer Potion – grabs the base colour of the shadow, leaving the sparkles loose. After I took the photo, the sparkles just brushed off my arm.
Pixie Epoxy – grabs everything. The base and sparkles were held fast! Nothing budged when I rubbed the swatch. This swatch gave the truest to pot colour swatch.
Foiling – again, grabs the base colour the best. The sparkles don’t move but are overwhelmed by the deep base colour.

I have been using Pixie Epoxy pretty much every time I apply my eye make up these days. It doesn’t prevent creasing on me, so I apply a very thin layer of a MAC Paint Pot to prevent creasing. The Pixie Epoxy will happily sit on the top without creasing.

Pixie Epoxy is very easy to remove as well. It will actually just come off with water but doesn’t seem to budge at all on my lids, even if my eyes have watered. After I removed the swatches on my arm I was left with a dark patch of base colour from the Primer Potion and Foiled swatch, but nothing at all from the Pixie Epoxy.

The best thing is that it works with pretty much anything with shimmer. However, it doesn’t work so well with mattes. I have been experimenting with some of my sheerer MAC shadows (why are they getting more and more crappy these days?) and Pixie Epoxy does amazing things to those.

If you’ve been considering this I’ve got to say it’s absolutely worth trying! Just grab a sample if you’re not sure, you won’t regret it!

Excuse me, I have to go and cover my arm in Pixie Epoxy and pigments...


  1. great post, i have this and love it too xx

  2. Cool! Sounds pretty fab :)

  3. I'm more of a fan of blending, so I don't like it when primers grab the colors too firmly. I tried it a few times, but just decided that it wasn't for me.

    That said, it's great that there's a company that makes a good, long-lasting, strong-holding primer in a clear formula, so that people whose skintone doesn't match either of the UDPP shades can use a truly kickass primer (and it's a great value! That's another thing this has over UDPP and BE's eye primer and so on and so forth...)

  4. I just ordered this yesterday! I can't wait to try it

  5. I have a sample of this, and am still trying to get used to it. It looks great when I swatch it with shadows on my hand, but so far I agree with LiAnn when it comes to using it on the eyes - I'm finding it hard to blend out, and I LOVE blending.

  6. I only have a difficult time blending over pixie epoxy when I want to blend an eyeshadow to my skin (above the crease, for example), but no when I'm blending one eyeshadow "into the other" so what I do now is just put Pixie Epoxy on the movable part of my lid, so I can blend the crease properly. It works great for me that way.

    And I also have to say that this is NOT a primer, it's more like a glue, so it's always wise to use a proper primer under it.


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