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Thursday 15 July 2010

Dolce & Gabanna Makeup at Harrods

Dear Dolce & Gabanna,

Your new makeup range is gorgeous.  Your counter at Harrods is gorgeous.  The staff on your makeup counter at Harrods are beautiful and gorgeous.

And, if the beautiful staff at your gorgeous counter hadn't been too busy painting their nails, ignoring customers and sneering when asked for service at 2pm last Monday afternoon, I might even have spent more than the £70 I finally managed to give A N Other member of your staff. I'm very happy with the products, but the attitude of your bit... er ... sales assistant  is still bugging me.

I'm guessing the lovely girls who were busy being helpful on the Burberry counter had put some noses out of joint?  Such a shame, anyway.

Love and unimpressed kisses,

Lippie xx


  1. The Burberry ladies really were lovely eh? I was playing about with the makeup with the red haired girl and she was so sweet, hate crappy sales assistants grrr!

  2. Dear Dolce and Gabbana,

    I second that, I walked away with one lippie but could of happily spent much more had it not been for your very mardy and unhelpful staff!!

  3. This is weird, because the Selfridges D&G ladies are almost over-helpful - it's hard to just browse there.

    If only they could have a happy medium.

  4. i agree, the D&G girls completley put me off buying anything...but the Burberry girls were so lovely and v helpful...i felt valued - hehe!

  5. That's appalling. you should make an official complaint. that quad looks divine though!

  6. The D&G girls at Selfridges Manchester were so lovely! I only ended up with a Lippie, but Sarah (iheartcosmetics) bought a few products.

  7. awww thats a shame.

    love the look of that quad also.

  8. In the words of David Cassidy. I think I love you. Heads will roll for this. Trust me. I know.
    *runs for phone*

  9. Clearly D&G Harrods haven't learned a jot since this post and I have to add that my experience was much the same negativo one as others here..while I was trying a product on, one surly assistant plastered in make-up that had 'above it all' on her name tag kept shoving in front of me to get into a drawer giving the distinct impression that I was in her way (not difficult in the two foot, by two foot booth they've got). Then this male assistant was hovering over the one serving me like an army sgt major snapping vague instructions to her making her nervous (she actually seemed quite nice compared to the other two sharks)...very odd.They were much much better staff in Self's when it was there.

    On the whole the service at Harrods certainly didn't match the price tag or the shiny packaging.

    Sales people shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, especially now we can all discuss it freely on the internet.


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