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Friday 12 March 2010

Lip Balm Roundup.

I've been collecting lip balms again! I know I do a lip balm post seemingly every other week (there is a reason the blog is called Get Lippie, you know ...)  but the last few have concentrated on more natural ranges, and I thought that this week that I'd talk about some which are chock-full of chemicals and science an' t'ings. 

I'll do this in ascending price order, first off:

Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturizer (It's American, mmkay?)

What they say:

Scientifically synthesized to instantly restore and replenish, our hydrating lip gel is easily integrated for daily maintenance, prevention, and treatment of dry, irritated lips.  Absorbent fatty acids, unlike traditional oils and drying waxes and silicones that are often licked off or wiped away, nourish upon impact while offering a continual layer of hydrating protection throughout the day and night.  Fragrance, flavor and color free.

What Lippie says:

Putting aside the rather unappetising descriptions of "fatty acid hydration technology" on the packaging, this is actually a knockout lipbalm, you need only the tiniest amount of this silky-textured gel to soothe even the sorest of dry lips.  Applied lightly, it makes a great base for lipstick, and it's one you can instantly feel doing your lips some good.  It's unusual in that it's not a grease-type of balm, and it's totally non-sticky.

A little of this really goes a long way, so you can expect your £9 tube of this from Liberty to last quite some time.

Now for Dior Addict Lip Glow

 What They Say:

A balm which beautifies and enhances your natural lip colour, with a lasting effect. The result is immediate. Thanks to the “Colour Reviver” technology, Dior Addict Lip Glow reacts to the lips’ moisture levels for lips that appear rejuvenated, fresh, luscious and shiny.
Available in one shade, the SPF 10 formula, enriched with wild mango, continuously protects and hydrates.
Lips are soft and plumped, day after day

What Lippie Says:

80's-tastic packaging, or what?  This is another flavourless non-sticky gloss, but it's more traditionally "grease-based" than the Malin+Goetz formulation.  I find the colour effect to be very subtle, just leaving the faintest hint of baby-pink on my lips in a way that's really quite flattering. It's not at all dramatic though. It's not as good a treatment as the M&G, but it is quite moisturising, though the effect doesn't last all that long.  I suspect it wouldn't be as great for sore, or chapped lips as other balms, but it does have an SPF of 10 (not 15 as I was told in store).  It has a very soft texture in the tube, and I think it wouldn't last all that long in daily use, as you have to reapply it quite often.  Nice for a soft subtle look to your lips if lipstick and/or gloss just feels like too much effort.

Lip Glow costs £18.50 and you can find it in most department stores.

And finally:

Kaplan MD Lip 20
What they say: 

This is a lip treatment with a difference. LIP 20 is the first dermatologist developed lip treatment designed to moisturise, plump, contour & protect with SPF 20 - all in one. This lip balm is enriched with anti-ageing marine collagen, peptides and antioxidants, vitamin A, Black Cohosh, Seabuckthorn Berry extract. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres are micro-injected into the lips to fill out lines & plump. Unlike most plumpers this doesn't irritate, it gradually builds your lips

What Lippie says: 

This one is so scientific that it took me a fair few minutes to figure out how to open the thing (you turn the bottom, the cute little lid slides up, then the balm pops out).  Seriously, I've been stumped by an Estee Lauder mascara tube recently, then this, and the other day, I couldn't figure out how to open a cardboard box. Either this means that designers are getting too clever for their own good, or I really am a cack-handed muppet.  I know which explanation I prefer ...

Anyhoo, onto the balm.  Unlike the other two this is a plumping product.  It definitely lives up to the "no irritation" claim, as you can't feel any cinnamon or peppermint oil on your lips whilst wearing and as a result it doesn't have that familiar "tingle" that you get wearing plumping glosses. It does have a flavour, albeit a very faint one.  To me it's very slightly sweet and the taste makes me nostalgic for ... er ... something! It's a flavour that reminds me of my childhood, for some strange reason, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is! It's driving me nuts, I don't mind admitting. Lip 20 also has an SPF of, you guessed it ... 20.

I have fairly plump lips anyway, so I don't use it for it's plumping effects - you can definitely feel you're wearing this one, out of the three balms here, this has the most slip on the lips - but it's a very glam, and almost sci-fi tube that'll have people marvelling at you when you use it in public. In a good way, I mean, not in a "look at that weirdo putting on lip balm" kind of way! I have the clear version, but I've heard extremely good things about the coloured versions too, there are four shades, from nude through to red.

You can get Lip 20 from - again! - the lovely, lovely people at Cult Beauty, and it retails for £22.50.

I always have a lip balm in my makeup bag, and I bet you're wondering which one of these has made it into that hallowed container, hmn?  Well, in sad/mad/bad (delete as applicable) confession time: they ALL have. My makeup bag always has about twelvety million lip products - and the occasional eyeliner wondering how the hell it got there - and all three of these balms are in there, I've been rotating their useage.

How many lip products do you carry around with you?

The Small Print: I bought some of these with my own actual money, and I was sent some of these to review.  I'm not going to tell you which is which, so ner.


  1. That first one sounds amazing :) I try to only carry around a lip balm and a gloss most of the time (unless Im wearing a lipstick, then that too) but I always seem to find some long forgotten gloss or balm in each bag LOL

    At least we admit that we have problems, right? :P

  2. I usually carry around at leasr 3 different balms/moisturisers.
    One (Malin+Goetz) in my jacket/ trouser pocket), one (Carmex) in my bag and one (Sleek)in my make-up bag - excessive but necessary!


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