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Sunday 28 March 2010

Just in - Sale at The Make-up Artist Boutique!

Those lovely ladies at the Make-up Artist Boutique have done it again! They're having an Easter sale this week, and for all you lucky people, there's 10% off across the board, on everything from OCC liptars to Yaby palettes, and everything in between.  But, if ten percent off isn't enough for you (and you're a new customer) then just add the code:

When you get to the checkout and you'll get an extra 5% off, making a total of 15% off any purchases you want to make! The sale starts Monday morning, and goes on until Friday.  Don't miss out. I'm going to finally complete my lip tar collection, I want vintage, plum and ... erm, another one. What're you going to get?

The Small Print: I am not affiliated with The Makeup Artist Boutique and I will receive no remuneration if you click on any of the links contained in this post, or if you make any purchases as a result of this posting.  They, are, however really lovely people, and hey! Who doesn't love a discount?


  1. ohhh good call! going to get myself the pale pink lip tar me thinks! x

  2. Thanks for this info! I have my eye ona few things! :) Emma


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