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Friday 5 March 2010

Foundation Week - Tinted Moisturisers

Yes, I know that tinted moisturisers aren't strictly foundations, but I'm doing this post by request! During summer, I'm actually a big fan of tinted moisturisers, as they're lighter, and generally offer better sun protection than traditional foundations. Nothing worse than looking a bit dry in the summer sun.

One of the most famous tinted moisturisers is Benefit You Rebel. Long touted by Benefit as the ultimate "suits all" shade (three words that always make me suspicious, whether it's a foundation, a lipstick, blusher, or whatever), they brought out a "Lite" version not all that long ago - why would they do that?  It's a "suits all" shade! - and I thought I'd show a comparison of the two:

The original formula is at the top, and the lite version is at the bottom.  As you can see, there is actually a massive difference in the two shades, for me, the original is the one I actually prefer! But, I cannot tell a lie, I tend to use it more as a bronzer, or faux tan, than a tinted moisturiser.  This is, however, actually my third tube of it! The lite shade is actually just a little bit too light, and can upon occasion make my NW20/25 skin look a bit washed out, but it's good for winter.

Here's how they look blended out - and many apologies for the poor quality of pic in advance -

As you can see, on my winter-skin, the lite version disappears completely, but the original leaves quite a distinct tide mark ...

Much as I like You Rebel (and I've been using it since back in the days when it was still called I Am Rebel), it's not, actually, my favourite tinted moisturiser, mainly because whilst it's nice and pigmented, I find I still need to use a moisturiser underneath it.  That's mainly, of course, because I have stupid flaky and sensitive dry skin! For oilier skins, I doubt you'd need another layer of product with it, to be honest.

No, my favourite tinted moisturiser - and I bang on about it at any opportunity I get - is Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm (above).  I like it because it has a decent level of pigment, is available in quite a large range of shades, from extremely pale through to dark, and it's quite possibly the nicest-smelling tinted moisturiser I've ever found.  Also, I find it gives a nice dewy sheen without making you look sweaty.  It is more suitable for dryer skins, but Bobbi also offers a more traditional tinted moisturiser, in a tube, that's not quite as heavy on the oil content.  I'm out of this at the moment, but at the first sign of spring arriving proper, I shall be investing in a pot, and discarding all the moisturisers + foundations I've been using all winter!  Fickle?  Mebbe ...

I occasionally also like to wear Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer SPF 15 Sheer Tint Release Formula (catchy!) which starts off a rather unappetising grey shade straight from the tube, but transforms on contact with the skin to a sheer (and quite light) tone, that isn't quite as pigmented as the other moisturisers in this review, but is well worth a look if you're looking for something that's a bit lighter in texture.  It also smells rather delightfully (if somewhat artificially) of cucumber, which is  very refreshing on a hot day!

What's your favourite tinted moisturiser?  Or do you think, as a couple of my housemates do, that they're a complete waste of time?

The Small Print: I bought these, they're mine, I tell you, MINE!  No PR's were harmed in the making of this post.


  1. The only tinted moisturiser I've tried is Hissyfit, and to be honest I only tried it because I used to sell it and got a tube for free!
    It's has a rather thick texture but it goes on (and stays on) well on my oily skin. It also contains a SPF 30+ and seeing as it's made in Australia I know it's actually decent. The only problem is that I tend to break out slightly and I really don't dare to wear it more than once a week. Their body moisturiser is fantastic though.

  2. I really want that Estee Lauder TM! I would probobly use it as a primer, underneath my studio fix as I like a medium/full coverage. Ive heard very good things about it and I HEART Lauder =D xxx

  3. Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser balm is da bomb. I was scared of the price, but forced to buy it by a very strident personal make up shopper (heh). My first jar lasted 2 years even with pretty regular use, so cost per wear is pretty damn good. Gives a nice coverage without being too heavy and it does smell gorgeous. It's wonderful, wonderful stuff.

  4. Def a few for me to check out there. I've aways been a little scared of TMs as I imagine myself looking like an oil slick by the end of the day. I'm keen to try out the new Colour Supplements from Lush. A customised tinted moisturiser sounds brilliant. Have you seen them?


  5. Kiehl's tinted moisturiser is my absolute favourite. I love their Ultra moisturiser anyway, but the tinted version is my favourite summer product. It has a decent level of pigmentation and just works well on my skin.

  6. I'll definitely be investing in some of the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser for summer, would like to try something lighter for the summer months.

  7. I bought the Lite version and was finding it ok... not amazing just decent but then I tried it over a moisturiser and it made a big difference.

    Like you I used the original version in the summer when I'm darker and really like it as long as it's very well blended!

    I'm holding off to review You Rebel Lite - my skin has flared up just now and I'm not sure what's caused it... fingers crossed not this latest pricy purchase!x


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