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Friday 30 January 2009

How To: Use Hairsticks

Again, from the hugely helpful Binturong, how to use Hair Sticks.

1. Gather hair backwards as if about to put it into a low ponytail.

2. Twist and fold upwards as you twist, as if doing a french pleat (the instructions that follow are for a twist that starts with the right hand side going over the top when the hair is hanging down, so by the time it's folded up the 'smooth' side is on the left and the 'tucked in' side is on the right, if you twist the other way then reverse the instructions).

3. Hold hair stick behind head parallel with the floor with decorated end on the left.

4. Starting on the left of the roll of hair, poke the stick through to the right. The angle should take it slightly away form your head, so it starts quite deep and comes out on the right hand side halfway through the depth of the bulge (I'm not sure that's very clear - if the roll of hair were a baguette held vertically against the back of your head, the stick should go in where the bottom crust is, and come out where the cheese is in the middle)

5. Holding everything firmly in place, rotate the stick end over end while turning it 90 degrees (you see why I really need pictures?). Lift the decorated end out away from your head (keeping the stick parallel with the floor) - this should push the pointed end into your scalp. Keeping the point pressed firmly to your scalp, when the stick is pointing directly out from your head change direction and fold the decorated end up.

6. If you've manage to follow the previous instructions without completely tying your arms in knots, when the stick reaches vertical push it down through the roll of hair, keeping close to your scalp.

7. Repeat from (3) with second stick, but change the angles slightly so the sticks end up crossing over each other.

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  1. I've never even HEARD of hairsticks!

    Glad I found your blog via GUT. I shall read the advice closely, although I doubt I'm competent to put it into effect.


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