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Saturday 31 January 2009

How To: Apply Smokey Eyeshadow

My own patented (in 2004!) technique for smokey eyeshadow...

Smokey eyes:

You will need

one fairly stiff eyeshadow brush
one medium sized mirror
eyeshadow of choice
eyeliner of choice


Load shadow brush with shadow. Hold mirror beneath your chin, and look down into it. Close one eye, and push shadow - brush pointing upwards - into the line of your eye socket. At this angle, the socket line will be perfectly visible in the mirror. Re-load the brush with colour and do the same for the other eye.

Place mirror at your usual angle, and using the same shadow, colour in your eyelids. Make sure you push the colour well down towards the lash-line. This will be easier if you use the brush pointing downwards.

Check effect in mirror, the line where the shadow stops in the sockets should then be blended - you can use your finger or a blending brush -so that it there is no harsh line between the shadow finishing and your skin beginning.

Line eyes - with either pencil, or matching shadow using a brush - above, below, and inner rim if desired and add lots of mascara.

The trick is the looking down into a mirror and following the socket line - if you go too high up with the shadow, it looks wrong - and also, not using liquid liner, it's far too harsh.

Sometimes I do this without colouring in the lid after finding the
socket line, and it works astonishingly well as a softer, yet still smokey alternative. That's actually my usual office makeup, just colour in the socket line, eyeliner and mascara.


  1. I've always loved this post.

    What would be fab though is if you could recommend some 'good' colours to use for it.

  2. The beauty of this is that you can actually use any colours your like to do it. When I update this post - and I will soon! - there will be photos and a full product listing.

    Mainly, when I do this look I use MAC Dovefeather for the lids, and Laura Mercier Twilight for the sockets. Coupled with Prunella or Permaplum eyeliner, it's a lovely - subtle - purple eye.


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