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Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to fight chafing and blisters in the heat with Bodyglide

This is a public service announcement. 

Every year at this time my twitter and facebook feeds are full of my otherwise lovely lady friends showing off pictures of their blisters (seriously, STOP THAT) from their pretty summer sandals, and worrying about chafing (or chub-rub) in ... intimate ... places, and on every single post, I place this link:  I first wrote it five years ago, having discovered it five years before that, and I'm still recommending it to everyone at every single opportunity.

If you have feet, get a tube of this.  If you have thighs get a tube of this.  If you have skin, GET A TUBE OF THIS, and apply it generously.  I can't even remember the last time I had a foot blister (and this stuff is a godsend for breaking new shoes in, by the way), and even though my thighs meet all the way down (screw you, "thigh gap", FFS), I haven't had chafing ever on the days I've remembered to apply this - I do occasionally forget, but never twice in a row, believe you me.  I buy a new tube every single spring, and hopefully, now you will too - forget those tiny tubes of "anti-blister sticks" you can find in Boots, this tube is a whopping 42gms  compared to the usual 5gms in those packs, and this will last you an entire year of generous applications, if not longer.

Mine came from Amazon this year, and cost around a tenner.  But you can also get it from specialised sports websites like Wiggle.  Buy some, apply it generously wherever chafing might occur, and enjoy your new-found hot weather freedom. 

You're welcome. 

The Fine Print: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, I'm just tired of seeing blisters everywhere.  And I'm squeamish.

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  1. I remember your post about this from years ago--and I'm still so grateful for it. At the time, I immediately went out and bought tube, and just purchased a second this summer. (I go through them slowly, I guess.) I'll just echo your words that Bodyglide is a godsend for avoiding blisters. Thanks so much for mentioning it!


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