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Monday 14 September 2015

Lipsticks and Perfumes of the Week 13.09.15 #LipsNSpritz

I'm mainly to be found over on Instagram at the moment, I love it.  Part of it is having a new camera, of course, but I've enjoyed finding different ways to show off products when I don't have enough time for writing during the week.  I've started a new hashtag series "#LipsNSpritz" (named by the glorious Katie from Lady From A Tramp) to show off my lipstick and perfume combinations every day.  Would love it if other people joined in, btw, but this is what I really enjoyed wearing last week:

Monday was Joan Collins Timeless Beauty I Am Woman (which I wrote about in full last Monday), and I'm not even slightly apologising for mentioning again here - nor for when it pops up again, either - as it's lovely.  Really, really lovely.  I paired it with Zelens Lip Glaze in Rouge, which is my favourite go-to red for when I don't really want to think about wearing "proper" red lipstick.  Easy to wear, and feels lovely on the lips, Zelens Lip Glazes are ace, I just wish I could wear more than two of the five shades - the corals and pinks all have too much white in the base for me.

Tuesday was Jo Loves Pomelo, which I love an unhealthy amount.  A light and zesty grapefruit-y citrus with just a hint of vetiver giving it a slightly grassy edge, it's a perfect scent for when you want something bright, but not too girly.  It's a clean "grapefruit" (Pomelo is, essentially a green grapefruit), lacking the sulfurous aspect many other grapefruits can have.  I paired it with Joan Collins Timeless Beauty lipstick in Helena (pay attention, you may notice a theme this week) which was a lovely rich, statement red.

On Wednesday, well, let's see if you can figure what I was up to on Wednesday just based on my fragrance and perfume choices, shall we?

Well, on Wednesday, I was meeting with Joan Collins HERSELF at Claridges, so what else is a girl going to wear except Joan Collins from head to toe?  I slathered myself in I Am Woman in every form, and wore my favourite Joan Collins lipstick, which is the bright pink Fontaine, then tried not to hyperventilate too much in her presence.  I failed miserably, btw, but more about that in tomorrow's blog post.

On Thursday I shook myself out of my Joan Collins (JOAN COLLINS!) coma, and wore:

Etat Libre d'Orange's Like This, which is a firm favourite in the Lippie household.  It smells of purest autumn (and apparently a bit like Tilda Swinton, who had a hand in creating it), containing pumpkin and ginger and it always reminds me a little of tweedy clothes, too.  No idea why, but I always start to reach for Like This at this time of year when you want to wear something warm, and comforting and slightly edible.  I paired it with Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in Raspberry Blush, which is a very nice lipstick indeed, I do love a deep, deep pink lip.

On Friday I wanted to wear something fun, so I dug out an old and unusual favourite from the archives, which was:

L'Artisan Perfumer Ananas Fizz.  Long discontinued by L'Artisan, this one.  It smells exactly (and I do mean exactly) like a bottle of pineapple pop.  It's fizzy and fresh, and ... unexpected.  I love it.  The perfume equivalent of a quarter of pineapple cubes, yes, it's sweet and it's fruity, but no one ever expects a fully-grown human to smell of pineapple, so it works.  I wish they'd bring it back.  I said I wore no makeup whatsoever on Friday, and so I did, except for a tiny slick of Saint Wine by Lipstick Queen first thing in the morning, but it had worn off by the time I got to the office, and I didn't bother reapplying it all day.  Saint Wine is my all-time favourite "nude" lipstick of all time.

On Saturdays and Sunday's I don't normally bother with lipstick and perfume, but for a laugh this week, I did.  On Saturday I went for Boucheron Quatre paired with Dr Perricone's No Makeup Lipstick

I love Boucheron Quatre, and I didn't expect to.  It's a fruity-floral, which isn't usually one of my favourite categories, but something about the pairing of bitter orange with strawberry (!) makes this a really compelling and gorgeous fragrance.  Whenever I wear it, someone always comments on how lovely it smells, and it does.  Well-blended, rather discreet, but very longlasting (and very reasonably priced), it's a lovely and easy-to-wear fragrance that won't scare the horses.  It's sweet and ladylike, most unlike its wearer ...  Perricone's No Makeup Lipstick is just one step up from a lipbalm on my lips.

And finally, this is the combo I'm wearing right now as I type this (Sunday afternoon):

I only write on Sundays, and admittedly, I usually write in my pyjamas.  But that doesn't mean I can't smell nice.  And Amaranthine by Penhaligons doesn't just smell nice, it smells beautiful.  Often referred to as a "corrupted fruity oriental", it's a creamy, spicy, floral evocation of, apparently, the inside of a woman's thigh.  So that's nice.  A hint of creamy banana (but not really banana, more banana leaf, tbh) from the ylang ylang, and carnation and cloves, with sandalwood and a hint of evaporated milk, alongside some dirty jasmine, Amaranthine is a perfume masterpiece.  So of course Penhaligons discontinued it this year.  If you see a bottle of this anywhere, snap it up.  It doesn't smell like anything else, and it's all the better for it.  I paired it with Fresh Sugar in Coral, because apparently I can't wear perfume without lipstick any more, and what's the problem with that?

What have you been wearing recently?

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  1. now these are some classics :)

  2. I've been raiding my perfume cabinet for golden oldies this week and have been wearing and loving vintage Caleche, for the hell of it and because it's not going to last forever so I may as well enjoy it before it goes off.

    I'm not much of a lipstick wearer, but I just bought my first Lipstick Queen - Medieval - and I gave it a whirl today and thought it looked really pretty.


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