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Friday 18 September 2015

Flamingo Candles - The Melt Crowd

Meh.  I'm so over box schemes for beauty, I can't even begin to tell you.  But there are so many other companies using the subscription-box model to send out interesting (and more useful!) things, that I couldn't resist getting involved with this one.  Flamingo Candles do a range of funkily-scented candles and wax tarts to use in a burner, and now, for £10 a month, they'll send you a selection of eight of their latest scents (and in your first box you get the burner shown above too) for you to scent your home with.

Included in the September box were melts in:

White Lilac and Rhubarb
Grapefruit Orange and Lemon Peel (which I'm burning as I write this - I find grapefruit great for heightening concentration) (exclusive to subscribers)
Lemon and Lime Mojito
Rose and Marshmallow
Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber (I'm a bit obsessed with cucumber at the moment, so I'll be burning this one next!)
Circus Candy Floss  and
Crème Brulee (a preview of a scent to be release by Flamingo in the future)


Personally, I find a lot of this months selection quite sweet, but there are enough citrussy/cucumbery scents in there to keep me going.  Plus it turns out, I really don't like the smell of lilac (but that's personal taste rather than a fault of the tart)!  Shame, as I love the smell of rhubarb.

The melts last at least 8-10 hours in burning, and are powerful enough to scent the whole flat, I've found.  If you're a fan of Yankee Candles at all, these foody scents are a great natural-wax replacement, and best, they're British!  And so much cheaper (and nicer) than Yankee. 

You can find out more about the Melt Crowd scheme here.  One of the greatest things about it is that the £10 fee includes postage.  Individual melts normally cost £2, so the Melt Crowd box represents a great saving every month.   

The Fine Print: Purchase.

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