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Thursday 30 July 2015

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo

I've been a bit mystified (not hard, I realise) by the "glow powder" craze recently, lots of brands are bringing them out, and I couldn't see what the point of a powder that is darker than a normal face powder, but not dark enough to use as a bronzer was.  Then I came home from my holiday with a (slight) tan and had a little "aha!" moment.  They're for adding just a touch of subtle colour to your skin (and I do mean subtle), enough to emulate that you've spent a lovely sunny day (or two) somewhere.  I picked up two from Guerlain recently to find out what all the fuss is about.

From the brand's iconic Terracotta range, there are four shades of Healthy Glow powder, two for blondes, and two for brunettes.  Now, I am a brunette but I don't think I'm a Guerlain brunette, as I have extremely pale skin, and the Guerlain brunettes range seems to be for people with much more olive skin than myself, so the two powders I picked up are 00 Light and 02 Natural, both considered for "blondes".

 Both of them are, essentially very pale bronze powders, with a sliver of "blush" alongside, ostensibly for you to add a "pop" of colour to your cheeks to stop the powders looking "flat".  I think the slivers are just a bit too thin to use for this purpose properly, so I just swirl the two shades together, and use them that way.  I've been using 002 (on the right above) almost exclusively since I came back from Croatia and I use it as a normal face powder. I imagine that when I'm back to my usual year-round pasty-face, I'll be able to use it as a bronzing powder.

The powders are finely milled, and have a very slight - discreet - shimmer about them, hence the "glow" part of the name, and both have the usual terracota fragrance which is quite apparent in the compact, but is unnoticeable on the skin.

Perfect for swirling all over your face to simulate having spent a day (or two in the sun) without worrying about bronzer "tidemarks", or useable as a contour powder if you're very pale, they're a bit more versatile than I imagined when I first came across them.  They are well named, as they're great for a bit of a glow!  Me, I can't be bothered with normal bronzers, they're too brown, and too dark for my very pale skin, but these will be great for me when I need a bronzer as they're pale, and have a hint of pink, so it won't just look like I've painted myself with gravy browning ...

Guerlain Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder duos are in store now, and cost £35.50 each. 

The Fine Print: Purchases.

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