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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme & Liftactiv Serum 10

Regular readers will know that I don't really shop for my skincare in the likes of Boots or Superdrug as a rule. Being a bit of a skincare snob means SpaceNK and Selfridges are more my jam, and I'll buy my more mainstream skincare requirements from the likes of Debenhams before I hit the high street proper.

That said, I do love me a bit of French skincare, and my flat is bursting at the seams with my backups of La Roche Posay Serozinc, Avene redness care products for flareups, and there's even a bottle of Bioderma around here somewhere too.  So, when Vichy sent me press release promising skin that is as hydrated at the end of the day as it is when you apply the cream initially, I happily asked for a jar of Liftactiv Supreme to try, and, being the lovely people they are, they also threw in a bottle of their Serum 10 for eyes too.  I've noticed a lot over the last few years that I look more dehydrated in the afternoons/early evenings, when dehydration lines tend to settle (in particular around the eyes) and are really noticable, and it all just makes you look tired. So a cream that combats that?  Include me in!

The Liftactiv Supreme cream feels amazing on the skin, it sinks in quickly, and isn't greasy, leaving a gorgeously velvety base for makeup, I've enjoyed using it a great deal.  The Serum 10 is a light and silky lotion that again sinks in very easily, and I've found that it really does help with hydration, and most importantly - me having incredibly sensitive eyes - doesn't sting.

 So, does it help hydrate throughout the day?  According to the press release, you could look up to (and I quote) "four months younger" at the end of the day.  Accordingly, after nearly a month of usage I asked my workmates how much younger I looked now than I did when I started the experiment, showing them pictures of myself from last November for comparison.  Hands down, every single person I asked called me a pillock for even asking, and demanded that I have a word with myself.  I think I can take that as a no ...

Anyhoo, my foray into the less than £30 skincare bracket has been a success, even disregarding my workmates less than stellar reaction to my before and afters.  I think the Liftactiv Supreme cream is idea for oiler-skinned older ladies, having a slight mattifying effect on skin.  I'm not sure I'd rebuy the moisturiser, I genuinely think some of my more expensive creams are better for my requirements, but the eye serum is definitely going to be staple in my arsenal from now on, it's fabulous.

What are your French skincare favourites?
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  1. This is an excellent steer, thanks, as I noticed the 'more wrinkly round the eyes as the day wears on' phenomenon just this weekend, and have been exercised by it - and avoiding mirrors after dark -ever since. For by evening I look like the Nile delta under the harsher kind of artificial light. Given that my budget mainly runs to what I can find in Boots (though that does include Clinique and Clarins and LRP), I am keen to try this now. It has something whizzy with sugars, right? - not rhizomes, or the Ramones, but a word in that general ballpark.


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