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Friday, 13 February 2015

Erborian CC Creme

I'm fairly hard to impress these days, particularly when it comes to skincare, but at a launch event for Erborian recently, I came away with a shopping list as long as your arm, and an URGENT desire to try EVERYTHING.

That never happens.

Amongst the things I was desperate to try was this CC Creme, and I was delighted that it was in the goody bag.  Erborian is a Korean brand (it's actually part of the L'Occitane company), and I was basically won over by the textures.  I must have layered fifteen different products on my hand that night, and my skin felt amazing, instead of greasy and overloaded.  Korean skincare consists of many, many more steps than a traditional "Western" routine, and the textures of each product are a lot lighter as a result, but without that oddly velvety "silicone" texture we tend expect from oil-free products.

Erborian CC Cream is white when you squeeze it from the tube, but I think you can just see some speckles of pigment in the above swatch.  It adjusts to your individual skin tone once you start to rub it in:

You can see the colour change starting above.  CC Creme is meant to be worn under a foundation, or BB Cream, and is designed to even out your skintone, whilst adding a layer of sun protection and extra skin coverage.

Once you rub in the cream, it essentially disappears leaving behind smooth and softly even skin.  I have been able to wear this alone just with a little powder over on "good skin" days, but it also works well as a lovely primer - yes, I'm a bit obsessed with primers at the moment, you shut up - and I found that layering a new foundation over it recently made the foundation last MAD long.  It's comfortable to wear, and won't make you feel like you're wearing a mask.  If you have combination oily skin like I do, you'll love the mattifying effect too - I've worn this every day since I got mine, and I genuinely really like it, not having quite seen the point of CC creams before ...

I'll be showing you more Eborian products soon - they're launching a new UK website in the next couple of months, and there will be a huge amount of products launching to go with that, but in the meantime, you can find Eborian products at SpaceNK and Selfridges, where prices start at around £22.  Go try them, you might like them as much as I do.

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  1. I like the sound of this, does it do anything to help conceal the look of pores?


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