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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Vaseline Limited Edition No 3 - Paint the Town

Vaseline have introduced a brand new limited edition, and it's one I really like, it's RED!  This isn't really going to be a detailed review.  Pfeh, it's, you know, a tub of Vaseline.

It's not scented with anything, it's Vaseline with a hint of red pigment, and it is, apparently the very first tinted variety of lip product Vaseline have ever done.

To be fair, it's only very slightly tinted, but it is definitely a red rather than a pink, which is great.  You'll get just a hint of a tint though, and it won't last much longer than a Caramac thrown into a Slimming World meeting, but it's a nice edition from Vaseline all the same.  Handy for those "can't be bothered" days, I'll be taking this on my honeymoon next month ...

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  1. "Caramac thrown into a slimming world meeting"

    I am literally crying.

    This looks lovely. tempted.

  2. I thought it smelled a bit fruity, but i have a cold so I may well be making that up...

    Charlotte - xx

  3. Pahahahaha Caramac thrown into a slimming world meeting! You're brilliant. I love a tinted lip balm but just can't stand Vaseline! I'll stick with my beloved Korres xx


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