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Monday 21 October 2013

Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Review

I struggle a great deal with eyecreams, rarely finding one that the sensitive skin around my eyes can tolerate. As a result over the last few years, I've very rarely used one.  Up until the last year or so this hasn't really been a problem, but I have been noticing dehydration lines more often these days, which is kind of depressing.

At an event a little while ago, I was prescribed this Extra Firm Eye Wrinkle Smoothing cream (and if getting prescribed a "wrinkle smoothing cream" at an event isn't depressing, I don't know what is), and I promised to use it, at least once, to see if my eyes could tolerate it.  I tried it once, my eyes didn't sting, burn or water, I shrugged,  and figured I'd use it a couple more times.

Since then, its become a daily staple, and I've been using it for a couple of months now.  I really like it.  It's a thick, rich formula, which I find highly hydrating, and I barely ever have a hydration line now, which is wonderful!  

Fomulated with rose wax and blackcurrant extract, it's soothing, and yes, smoothing.  I can't speak for its long-term wrinkle-smoothing properties because, in spite of my elderly, slightly dehydrated (occasionally crispy) state, I'm actually not that wrinkly.  But hey, maybe keeping this in my rotation will be a good preventative measure.  The cream has definitely fixed my dehydration lines without causing any reactions, and for that reason I'll be keeping a pot around.  This is the first eyecream I've ever been able to use for longer than a week, and for that reason, it's a miracle.  A MIRACLE, I tell you.  Not having burning, rash-y eyes is such a blessing!

Between this, and the Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, and their frankly amazing eye makeup remover (and a couple of other things I've not reviewed yet) Clarins is fast becoming my very favourite high street skincare brand.  It's coming up to winter, which means I'll be breaking out their fabulous skincare oils again soon too, they're always a treat.  

The Fine Print: PR Sample.

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  1. I love this stuff! It was another blogger who actually got me into the brand- bloggers are such bad influences! Ha. Great post hun, love the blog too byt the way! :)
    Heroine In Heels


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