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Monday 29 April 2013

What's in my makeup bag?

It's not very sexy as makeup bags go, is it? However, it's large, strong, and squishy, which is all I really ask of my cosmetic carriers, frankly.  Anything too rigid means I won't be able to fit some things in.  I don't, in all honesty, carry a lot of makeup around with me, but these are the basics that I can't bear to be parted from:

Clockwise from the bottom:
Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 06 Rosewood Shimmer
Illamasqua Generation Q handbag mirror
Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer in Medium
Gwdihw First Aid Skin Balm
Clinique Even Better Compact makeup in 04 Creamwhip
Aftelier Perfume sample Tango
Bare Minerals Soft Focus Eyeshadow Brush
Bliss Handcream in Blood Orange and White Pepper
Jo Malone London fragrance in Lime, Basil & Mandarin
Orange Blossom lip balm
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pretty Powerful Pink
All for Eve crystal nail file

Not a huge amount, really - and, I've just noticed, there's a distinct lack of eye products, really.

A closer look:

I use the eyeshadow brush to apply the Bare Minerals concealer, it gives a soft application, and blends as you go, which I really like - there's nothing worse than a too heavy application of concealer, as that tends to actually draw attention to flaws rather than deflect it.

I like the Gwdihw First Aid Balm for those little accidents that happen during the day, paper cuts, scrapes, bites and stings, it's really good and very healing, I've not been without my pot since it arrived. Cheap and cheerful, but all-natural, and there's a whole host of different balms on the website, I really like the cuticle balm, and the pineapple lipbalm too.

Aftelier's Tango perfume.  I carry this everywhere with me.  When I need an evening-time top-up of fragrance, this is what I'll be wearing. Smoky, mysterious, sexy and just plain gorgeous, one day I'm just going to splash out and buy a full bottle.

I carry the Even Better compact around with me as it's more portable than the bottle (the finish of which I actually prefer, to be honest), but it's extremely useful for top-ups, if I'm wearing a foundation that day that hasn't lasted the distance.  If I get to three pm and my foundation has disappeared (it does happen), I use this to fill in any patches.

The Bliss Handcream, is rather basic as handcreams go, which is fine by me, as I'm not plagued with particularly dry skin, but this has an amazing spicy orange scent which I really love.  It's a limited edition every Christmas, and I was very put out this year that they only released it in this mini-size. Morons.

I carry the Lime, Basil & Mandarin round with me in case I need to top up my fragrance during the day.  I've been wearing a lot of terrible fragrances recently, which luckily haven't lasted too long, and I use this to hide the last lingering bits of them later on ...

I love the scent of orange blossom, and in this random lipbalm I picked up in a pharmacy in Paris, it makes an unusually scented lipbalm.  Not sure, entirely, that the scent works in a balm, but, hey, it's unusual and I like it.  I think.

The Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is a limited edition in an extremely wearable shade, it's rather pale on my lips, but it's great for adding a little pink colour to my cheeks when I'm having a pale day.

The Clarins Instant Light is a "my lips but better" shade that I carry around, just in case ... stupidly named (it's about as shimmery as ... hmn ... well, let's just say it's NOT SHIMMERY, shall we), but it gives a polished look that won't clash with any eye makeup looks.

And that's it!  It usually has a couple of lipsticks in there too, as I just add whatever shade I'm wearing on the day to the bag, but these are the staples that never move out of the bag.

So, what do you carry around with you on a day-to-day basis?

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  1. First aid idea of a first aid balm is Vaseline..lols. Nice post ^^. Here's what's in my make up bag:

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