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Monday 15 April 2013

Beauty Blogger Problems ...

1)  Not having a laptop for three weeks will severely curtail your ability to post regularly.

2) Getting a new laptop with a vastly different keyboard layout will severely curtail your ability to write cheeo  ochersn coheerentlee proper.  Innit.

3) Forgetting where your camera cable is will severely curtail your ability to post photos.

4) Standing on samples kept in your jeans pocket will make your bedroom look like an episode of Dexter:

Found my cable.  It was where is usually is.  I am an idiot.
 Still, Lanolips Apples was (is?) such a lovely colour!  

5) Coming to the end of a six month spending ban is surprisingly stressful - WHERE DO I START OFF BUYING ALL THE THINGS AGAIN????

6) Use of the phrase "chemical free" in a press release is still fricking infuriating. It induces rage. Oh, and I will never feature a product if a PR suggests that I am "jumping on a bandwagon" for picking up on the fact that it's a nonsensical phrase.

7)  I'm getting tired of being asked to write articles for brands so that I can potentially "win" products to try.  Why do companies do this?  I don't mind not getting samples, but I don't want to spam my own blog with articles about products that I've not tried just on the off-chance that I'll win something.  What do readers think about these kind of articles?

8) Ditto "guest posts" from brands and or SEO agencies.  I don't read 95% of the press releases I'm sent (even the ones for the products I do feature!), so I'm not going to use the blog as a place for you to publish them!  How do readers feel about pre-written features from brands, rather than written by myself?

8a) Let's not even discuss that both of the above are attempts to boost a brand's SEO at the expense of my own, shall we? It's a con, and I'm not interested, I'm afraid.

9) Feeling guilty that I've just whined about getting emails at all. Sorry!

10)  Trying co-washing was a big mistake. Dear hair, I'm very sorry.

Now, what have I missed, and, does anyone know how to get bright red lanolin stains out of carpet? 

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  1. What is co-washing?! Also, my condolences on the Lanolips... It looked like she was beautiful, and taken from us far too soon.

    Charlotte - xx

  2. I second the co-washing questions. Also, I don't think your readers would hate a few spammed posts so long as their for really great products.


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