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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Paris Purchases- Rouge Baiser Mademoiselle Authentique 302 Lipstick

I don't think it's legal to come back from a trip to France without a lipstick as one of your souvenirs.  Well, if your blog is called Get Lippie, you kind of have to, don't you?  And, if it's France, well, that lipstick has to be red.

I spotted the Rouge Baiser lipsticks on our last trip to Paris, and had been kicking myself ever since for not picking one up, so this time, I was a woman determined to get hold of one.

I adore the packaging:

The pewter case (sadly, plastic), the sunburst detailing, it's too gorgeous for words. If I were a different kind of blogger I'd be saying all kinds of wanky crap like "c'est magnifique!" and "tres chic!" but I find that kind of pretentious Franglais irritating beyond belief, so you'll have to settle for me saying "gorgeous" instead.  So there.

Because it is.

Did I mention that it's red?

A semi-matte finish, the red of 302 (and I can't pretend that I'm not disappointed the shades have numbers instead of names, because I am) is a blue-based highly pigmented shade, that covers lips in one coat. I don't find it particularly drying, but, like most long-lasting lipsticks (Rouge Baiser state that this is a "comfort long last lipstick) it's not as emollient as many other lipsticks you might have tried in the past, but it slips well over the lips, and you won't feel like your lips have been run through a shredder if you've been wearing it for a few hours.

It's a classic red shade, and I'll be wearing a lot this winter. What was best about it, was the price: 13 Euros.  For the packaging alone, I'm happy to pay that price!  I bought a separate shade to give to my mother for some  French Christmas glamour for her too.

Do you buy cosmetics when you're away?  What do you look for?  Tomorrow I'll be showing you some supermarket purchases that I just couldn't resist buying whilst I was away ...
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  1. My ideal colour. Great post!

  2. Dear Get Lippie, you totally rock - anyone who uses the words "wanky crap" in a beauty blog is definitely a total star in my book!

  3. That lipstick is gorgeous! Would love to see what it looks like on :)


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