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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Shu Uemura - Pleasure of Japanese Bath

Shu are (in)famous for their cleansing oils, but did you know they also have a range of bathing oils?  I didn't until recently, and I spotted these little bottles hiding out in a corner of the Shu store in Covent Garden a few weeks back, and had to try one.  First released 10 years ago, the oils are back, and they're a little different to a lot of other bath oils I've been trying recently.

First of all, the scents veer away a little bit from the traditional "aromatherapy" scents, which is nice.  There are four varieties: Hinoki, which is cypress-scented, Sakura which is cherry blossom, Shobu is iris, and Yuzu is a kind of Japanese citrus.  They're not overly scented, but they disperse beautifully in the water, creating a milky opalescent bathing experience.  My bath has LEDs in the bottom, and when they're combined with the milky water, it really makes for an unusual light show!

They disperse completely, so there's no oil-scum left and it doesn't leave for a slippery bath.  My oil is the Hinoki, which is vaguely herbal-smelling, and with a hint of pine, I find it relaxing to bathe in, and the oils leave my skin soft and moisturised without feeling at all greasy.

The bath oils cost £22 and are available direct from Shu Uemura shops and concessions, sadly, I can't find anywhere that stocks this stuff online in the UK, if you find somewhere, will you let me know?

The Fine Print: PR sample.  Kinda.  I offered to pay!


  1. Ooooh sounds lovely, I had no idea these existed. I do so enjoy a good bath with lovely oils. Just thinking about it makes me wants to turn the taps on!

  2. They sound lovely. Great that they don't leave and oily scum at the bottom of the bath, I hate that

  3. Stephanie Rodgers10 November 2010 at 11:47

    I LOVE the cherry blossom bath oil - it's my all time fave. Smells good enough to eat!

  4. these are back? - hooray!! Hinoki is probably my all time favourite smelly for the bath and I was gutted when they discontinued them.


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