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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Nail of the Day - China Glaze Emerald FItzgerald

Another beauty from the Vintage Vixens collection, this one:

A deep, dark glassy green that doesn't appear black on the nails, I adore this shade. It's not - quite - a Christmassy green, but rather it reminds me of an expensive car paint job.  I was worried it would give me lobster hands, but luckily, it doesn't!

Picture shows two coats over China Glaze sticky base coat, and no topcoat, as I used China Glaze drying drops to finish it off, I like them because they don't shrink the polish beneath as with Seche Vite, and they smell of wintergreen, which makes a nice change for a nail product!

Wear is incredible.  I wore this polish whilst building half of Ikea's finest furniture over the weekend and only had to replace the polish on one nail that I broke when I was messing about with a claw hammer.  Tools are not toys, people!

I found this bottle all alone on a shelf at my local Sally's and had to give it a home. I picked up most of the rest of the Vintage Vixen collection at a trade show a few months ago, and had somehow overlooked this one.  I think it cost me about £4.  Bargain!


  1. This is a beautiful colour...I'm always unsure of greens on me, but this looks easy to wear xx

  2. I adore green nail varnish and this one looks great x x

  3. That is lovely! I really like Emerald green on nails. I had my very first visit to Sally's at the weekend and picked up some China Glaze. It was 3 for 2, it would have rude not to!


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