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Tuesday 15 June 2010

Creative Heads Most Wanted Awards 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Creative Head magazine and invited to be a judge of one of their "Most Wanted" awards. It's a massive honour (other judges this year include both John Frieda and Andrew Collinge, amongst a load more respected people both from inside and outside the industry, sadly, I don't have a full list to hand), and it's an offer I was delighted to accept. Can't help thinking that Creative Head haven't heard about my insane hair though, otherwise they may have thought twice about the invite ...

I spent some of yesterday at the Wella Professionals World Studio in London, and, after a couple of hours alongside my fellow judges discussing our category (Best Online Salon) we had to come to what was a very tough - for me - decision.  All the entrants on our list had some great points, and it was excellent to see so many of them making use of Facebook and Twitter (which most of you already know I'm a massive fan of), so it was hard to decide who should win! I had my own set of criteria, which may have been a little different to the other judges, but it was nice to see where our thoughts were all on the same page, and that we had had some identical reactions to some of the entries!  Some spirited debate took place, I can tell you!

We did all eventually make our decisions, but obviously I can't reveal any details as yet! I'm looking forward to the awards ceremony in September though, and getting to know who wins all the other categories, some of the entries looked amazing, I'm sure the ceremony will be tonnes of fun. One thing I won't enjoy (the less said about Jimmy Carr being the host, the better as far as I'm concerned) seeing will be my VT - yes, I was filmed giving my opinions on hair again, I'm afraid! It keeps happening by accident, GHD made me talk to Fashion TV a few months ago ... I hate seeing myself on camera, I sound (to myself) like an idiot and I spend the whole time I'm watching just counting my flaws.  That reminds me, my eyebrows need doing ...

So, just out of interest, what do you guys look for in a hairdresser's website?  Do you even look for hairdressers online? What's important, and what would make you decide never to darken their doorstep?

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