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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

I'm old.  I'm tired.  I don't get enough sleep.  I stare at computers too much.  I read a lot.  I rub my eyes a lot, and did I mention that I'm tired?  My eyes are definitely starting (ha! "starting") to show the signs of ageing these days, laughter lines get deeper each day, and dehydration lines take longer and longer to disappear once they arrive too.  So eye masks have become a slight obsession recently.  It started with these Rich Eye Zone Care Pack eye masks from DHC, but I'll show you the others some other time.

Used to other sheet-style masks that are soaked in a serum, or other liquid, it was a surprise that these were rather dry and stiff, then it turned out that the masks were put together in pairs with a "proper" eyecream in between.  Once you pulled the masks apart the cream - and it really is a cream, not a serum - is revealed.  The masks remain rather stiff, however, and positioning them can be tricky.

I struggled a bit getting the upper strips into a comfortable position, but I persisted, and wore them for around 20 minutes/half an hour or so, and found when I removed them that my eyes definitely felt more comfortable and hydrated, and the skin was plumped up.  They contain multipeptides which they claim stimulates collagen, olive fruit and hyaluronic acid.

I liked them a lot, actually, and will use them again, particularly as they cost £15 for six treatments, and the clever packaging (a resealable bag, which contains a resealable clam-shell package) means they will keep fresh for a while without drying out.  I think best used as a treat before a big appointment or a night out rather than a weekly indulgence, but good for a quick boost when you need one.

You can buy them direct from DHC here.

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