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Sunday 12 June 2016

Skincare of the Week 12 June 2016

Get Lippie Skincare of the Week 12 June 2016 featuring Zelens, Votary London, Omorovicza, Clinique, Tata Harper, La Roche Posay, La Potion Infinie, Alpha H, Silke London

I've been on a blog-hiatus. It wasn't intended, but it just sort of happened, and, I have to admit, I've rather enjoyed it.  I'm just now entering my eighth year of blogging (you read that right), so that's seven years of Sunday afternoons that I've spent at my computer,which equates to nearly a solid YEAR of taking pictures, editing pictures (always the worst part, tbh), actually doing the writing and doesn't even slightly take into account the hours I spend getting to events, reading press releases, testing products and the thinking (oh my god, the THINKING) about blog posts even before I sit down to write them!  

So, because I've been enjoying NOT blogging for a couple of months, its crossed my mind that maybe I should retire.  Year end was super-busy at work this year, and we just moved house, and I've been tired - so very, very tired - and the thought of adding blogging back into that particular mix has just been ... depressing. Another thing to worry about, and another obligation.  That said, I've been loving Instagram very much lately, pop on over!

Retiring from blogging at Get Lippie completely has been a tempting option under the circumstances, like the thought of going on a lovely, looooooooong, holiday.  Blogging, particularly beauty blogging, is both a bit of a rat-race and a popularity contest these days, and I'm never going to be Zoella or Pixiwoos.  Hell, I'm barely even Get Lippie these days! Luckily, I don't rely on my blog to make my living - there's no sponsorship or endorsement deals here - but, now I'm out of work-madness time, and we've practically got the new flat sorted,  I'm going to give a couple of Sundays* back up to the blogging muse, and see what occurs. 

So, yeah, skincare is what we're meant to be talking about, apparently, not my existential crisis, so here's some skincare chat:

I'm attempting to use up my much-beloved Zelens Intense Defence Serum, because it's nearly at the end, and that will make it the only serum I've used up in several years!  I love this stuff, on my picky, overly sensitive, prone-to-redness skin, this acts like a bandage, protecting it from all kinds of pollutants and cushioning it from the effects of overly harsh weather, or unsuitable skincare products.  I've been boosting it with Zelens Power D Drops in recent weeks, and I'll be giving a full review of those soon.

Clinique sent me a bumper pack of their Moisture Surge products the other week, and, whilst I've had trouble with gel-formula moisturisers in the past (they tend to be heavy on the silicones and irritate my skin by not letting it breathe too well), I'm really enjoying using Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.  The stress of the last couple of months, combined with spending a lot of hours really staring at a computer - seriously, when you're getting 40 incomprehensible emails a day from a government department, you'd be screwing your face up too - have left me craving hydration, and I find this feels super-hydrating at first application and leaves my skin feeling velvety and wonderful, without the little angry bumps I can get from too many silicones.

Silke London "The Isla" Silk Hair Wrap in Green and Blue Get Lippie 20160612

Something else new that I'm trying right now is the Silke London silk hair wrap.  I've been toying with wrapping my hair for a while now, having found that sleeping on a silk pillow case makes a huge difference to my hair, but couldn't find a 100% silk wrap that I liked. Then Silke London launched, and I had to have one, so treated myself to an Isla, which is the green and blue version.  It's essentially a silk turban, and looks impossibly glamorous on the right person.  I am not the right person, and look like Hilda Ogden after a minor lottery win in mine, so there will be no selfies wearing it, but I'll keep you posted ...

How's your week been?  I've not retired.  Yet.

*But not next Sunday.  Ironically, I'm going on holiday ... ;)
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  1. I love reading your posts, no matter how infrequent. It is lovely to have a "real" voice in the crazy somewhat more non real blogging world. Hope your delay your retirement and just take periodic breaks! (love your instagram also!)

  2. It seems that a lot of my favourite blogger are having a crisis, taking a hiatus or ceasing blogging altogether.

    That, of course, makes my little selfish heart sad, but I can only imagine how much time goes towards planning and writing.

    I tried tumblr and even that - simple photo-blogging, not anywhere near what you do - takes so much energy (if you have and ~*vision*~, and want to do it well, of course).

    Thank you for taking the time to do all this and sharing it with us.

  3. All you need to do is keep doing what you do. I am sorry that I've never commented, but I am certain that there are a great deal of readers like me who silently appreciate your work and read every post, parosmia or not. I appreciate that you aren't fixated on passing trends and that you don't pepper your writing with exclamation points and irritating literary squeals. (Though I am essentially a millennial, albeit on the older end.) I like the frankness of your voice. I identify with your propensity to redness and unwillingness to give up a nice glass of wine. And I should be sorry if your presence here fades away. Perhaps you could blog on alternate Sundays? Frequency of posting is overrated and as greedy as we are, quality as ever trumps quantity.


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