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Monday 7 March 2016

Guerlain Honey

Yeah, I'm not much of a honey fan normally, but I was encourage to taste this during my visit to the Guerlain flagship on the Champs Elysees recently, and  fell in love.  I had no idea Guerlain made honey, and this one is *amazing*.  

I've always thought honey is honey is honey, to be honest (possibly because I usually buy the cheapest honey in the shop, and then just use it in lieu of sugar in hot drinks), but this jar really opened my eyes to how different honey can taste.  Extracted from Guerlain hives in France, the bees feed on the flowers that Guerlain grow for the their fragrances, and the herbs in the area too, and you can really taste in the honey itself, which has a depth and intensity of taste I've not personally encountered before.  I'm going to be breaking into this jar with some friends later this week, and hopefully they'll enjoy it as much as I have been doing.

Guerlain only make a few hundred jars of this a year, and it's only available at the Champs Elysees store, too.  I'll be disappointed when this is gone!  On the brighter side though, at fifteen euros, it was by some margin the cheapest thing in the shop ....

 The Fine Print: Purchase.

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  1. Oh, my heavens-- I LOVE honey. I use it in my morning coffee, and then also in 1,000 recipes. Looks divine.


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