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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick & Liner in Manic

I am SO glad Urban Decay have got rid of their old, deeply tacky, lipstick packaging.  Whilst I like skulls and that, having a SWORD as a handle just made me too embarrassed to use the damn things.  Oh, and I regularly used to impale myself on the damn things in my makeup bag, too. 

However, if you coat something in pewter, I've discovered I'm pretty much powerless to resist.  And a hammered finish? I'm in! Luckily for my lips, the contents of the new range of Revolution Lipsticks from Urban Decay is pretty damn fine too.  I picked out Manic as my choice, a lovely wine shade:

It's autumn, and I'm really getting my deep cool shades at the ready for the cooler months to come. Manic is a nice transitional shade from summer to autumn, being rich, but not really very dark, as you can see here:

It's a slightly browned wine, glossy in finish, and the matching liner is just a little more pink, and matte.  They're a good match though - if your lips are on the more pigmented side, the liner will give a nice "My Lips But Better" finish, if you use it to fill the lips in entirely, as I've done below:

The liner is creamy, smooth and velvety soft, and I've found that it applies nicely without any dragging.  However, it does wear down very quickly, so if you want a sharp line (as you will with some of the deeper shades in the range), you'll need to sharpen extremely regularly.  It definitely forms a good base for the lipstick though, you can see both here:

Revolution Lipstick has a lovely soft texture, and feels creamy on the lips (rather than slippery), and they're extremely well pigmented.  The above pic shows one pass of the lipstick (over the liner) on my lips.  I find they last quite well too, taking at least three or four hours before needing a touch up.  They're also nicely pigmented without the liner too:

As you can see, the finish is a little less creamy without the liner, but it's no less pigmented for all that.  It's rather more translucent, but that's about the only difference using it without liner. There are 22 shades in all, ranging from the palest of nudes to the darkest of deep purple-browns, with a lot of really nice reds in between, I have a couple of the other shades too, and I'll show you those soon.

Personally, I don't bother with lipliner much, so I don't really go a bundle on this one (plus, it's so soft I estimate you'd only really get two applications per sharpening, so I'm not sure they're entirely cost-effective), but the new lipsticks are a definite winner ...

Have you tried them?

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