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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Tom Ford - Lavender Palm Review

Previously exclusively available only at Tom Ford's Rodeo Drive boutique, Lavender Palm is the latest release from the Private Blend series of fragrances.  It's meant to evoke California, apparently, and is built around scents of lavender, bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, palm leaves and various woods in the base.
Rodeo Drive bottle - a cool $950 a pop!

On first sniff you get a "whoosh!" of fresh, bright, green and clean citrus from the bergamot, followed up very quickly with a hit of lavender which is a bit like getting smacked in the face by a granny who's terrified you're about to steal her Murray Mints.  Once this has dried down a bit - and by that I mean about three hours later, this stuff is tenacious - you get a wondrous skin-scent all powdery wooden scents, with just a hint of coppery minerality from the frankincense. I like all the stages of the scent, but the dry-down in particular is divine, leading to lots of nuzzling of the places it has been spritzed on many hours before.

The new bottle - rather cheaper.

It's not entirely a unisex scent, packing rather a heady "fougere"-like effect into it's wear-time, meaning if you apply it with too heavy a hand you'll smell rather like your dad, but it's warm, and rather comforting to wear, all the same.  That said, I can't get MrLippie to wear it, owing to his fear of lavender (I've not bothered pointing out to him that it's in most masculine fragrances, although, admittedly it's not usually quite as "front and centre as it is here), but I like wearing it now and again when I want to smell like a burly granny with a mean right hook.  So, for board meetings, usually.

A word about the name though: whenever I've mentioned wearing this on Twitter, I've always got a few comments of the "hurr, hurr, hurr" variety, leading me to wonder if Lavender Palm is some kind of previously unknown to me medical complaint - which apparently may lead to blindness.  Bear in mind though, that the variety of my twitter followers are sick puppies, and that is why I love them ...

I wouldn't say Lavender Palm is breaking any new ground, but it's pleasant to wear, and would make a great masculine scent, providing your man is man enough.

 The Fine Print: PR Sample - I think I'll be back off the mailing list after this though.  Hi Tom!
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  1. I tried this out in Harvey Nics and not impressed. My favs are Santal Blush and White Suede x

  2. Love this review - partic "burly granny....For Board meetings" Brilliant! Mmmm, lavender palm meams something dodgy? Excellent!

  3. It just sounds dodgy! I couldn't read this review without going "fnaarrr!"


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