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Monday 12 March 2012

Engagement Bling(s)

I won't be doing too many wedding-themed posts, don't worry, but I tweeted the above picture of my engagement rings yesterday (what can I say, I'm indecisive!), and a lot of people were asking about them, so I thought I'd post about them here.

I'm not that adventurous with my jewellery, to be honest, I have a few pieces (above) that I wear day-in day-out (laziness mostly) and I wanted an engagement ring that would both complement those everyday bits and pieces, and be just a bit different from a "classic" engagement ring.  The only thought I had in mind was that I wanted them to come from somewhere independent, rather than a chain.

So, on Saturday, we headed out to Portobello Market, and our first stop was Sarah Bunting in Portobello Green, she's a jeweller I already own a few pieces from, and she's an adorable lady, she remade one of the earrings above when I lost one, and I've been wearing them every day ever since.

My eye was immediately drawn to the moonstone ring in the middle of these three - I adore moonstones, and can't have enough of them.  This one is faceted though, and you don't see faceted moonstones very often:

Well, just the moonstone ring on its own looked silly on my stumpy sausages (aka: fingers), so I had to select a few others from the range to go with it, eh?  I picked the sapphire and the amethyst just because they looked pretty and complimented the moonstone so very well. There were all kinds of other colours from peridot, smoky quartz, and yellow and green quartz too, but these were the ones that really caught my eye. 

I went away to a few other places and looked at some different rings as it's never a good idea to buy the first ring in the first shop you go to, but, well, we just ended up going back for these anyway!

Here's a couple of views of how I'm actually wearing them all together:

I love how they all look different depending on how the light hits them, and I love both how bold the look is with just a few really delicate pieces together!

Nail varnish is Quartz by Chanel, by the way. 

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  1. Eeee they're so pretty! :o) I can't remember if I've already said this on Twitter, but: congratulations, lovely!! <3

  2. Oh that is so unique, I adore them all together like that! We went for something more traditional yet people were still quite surprised by our choice, so I'm happy to see you finding something you truly love like that.

  3. Very nice choice! I like them very much. Congratulations x

    I am on a look out for a slightly different eternity ring.. don't want an eternity band. I saw a lovely antique ring that I adored but rather balked at the 6 grand price tag!

    1. I can imagine! Our entire wedding won't even cost that much!

  4. Gorgeous! I love stacking rings and love moonstone :)


  5. I love your blings!!! Congrats again! xx

  6. Congratualtions! Your blings are gorgeous by the way :) x

  7. The rings are beautiful, it's so much nicer buying a special gift like an engagement ring from an independent jeweller.

  8. I love what you went for and I especially like the look of the 3 together. I would never think of putting several together like that but I really like it, the stones you picked compliment each other very well. May I ask where the ring in the centre of your 2nd picture is from?

    1. Jane, the ring in the middle came from Covent Garden market, it was a bit of a bargain at £20! I love it though, I call it my doodle. Yes, I'm THAT sad.

  9. Lovely! Really like how you went for 3 to create a more bespoke engagement ring. Beautiful colours as well.


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