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Thursday 15 January 2015

Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette

First things first, let's get some pedantry out of the way:

Discrete means: Separate.  Apart.  Individual. Distinct.

Discreet means: Subtle.  Unobtrusive. Private.

Both the packaging and press release for this Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring palette promises you, (over and over): "DISCRETE" contouring.  This word they keep using, it does not mean what they think it means.  It has caused a couple of head-desk interfaces at Lippie Mansions recently. Luxury brands really need to check these things.

Right, now I've got that off my chest, on with the review!  Contouring is the one beauty trend that WILL NOT DIE.  I've lost count, literally, of the beautiful young girls I've seen recently with what can only be described as tidemarks all around their overpowdered dusty faces.  Coupled with the current (mystifying) craze for multiple sets of false eyelashes for day time use, they look like Miss Havershams who have been attacked by tarantulas.

Yes, my name is Get Lippie, and today I'm mainly channelling your mum.  Because, your mum.

All that said, there are times and places for DISCREET contouring, I'm just not sure the number 319 bus at 7am is it.  Photo-shoots for example.  Wedding makeup.  Big nights out.  Events, in other words.  I have no desire to look like Kim Kardashian, not really (although it appears that she stole my "having a really, really, really,  gigantic arse" idea wholesale, apparently), but sometimes, you just do want to look a little more chiselled than you normally do.

 The Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring palette is a set of three creams in neutral browns, coupled with both a dark and pale highlighter, intended to make contourng both simple and discreet.  It's simple to use - you can mix and match the three main shades to complement your skin tone best - and just apply directly to either your bare skin, or over your foundation before you powder.

 Best places for contouring are the hollows of your cheeks, the sides of your nose - if you have a wide one - around the temples, and you can even contour out a double chin.  You can apply with either brushes or fingers, which is good, I think it's easy to overapply powders when you're using brushes.  Fingers will give a more subtle effect.

The highlighters are rather lovely - but I suggest you don't mix these with the browns to create shadows, it'll just look odd.

The palette comes complete with some handy cards to best illustrate how they intend for you to use the palette, and I can confirm that they are very handy.  I like how they slide out from behind the mirror to be seen alongside, which will make it easier to follow the instructions as you use the palette.

For me, I had a hilarious makeup lesson from Sasha at Harrods recently, where we confirmed that - possibly - contouring isn't going to be a daily essential for me.  I can see the difference when it has been done professionally, and discreetly, but as no one else could, I'll save it for special events only.

This is a very nicely done palette, and hopefully the fact that it is creams means my bus ride will be a bit less dusty from now on ...

The palette is currently available exclusively at Harrods and Selfridges until mid-February when it will go on sale nation-wide.  It costs £35.

The Fine Print: PR Sample

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  1. This looks lovely but the cardboard packaging annoys me for a £35 palette. I don't really know why.
    Ting | The Ting Thing

    1. I agree, I hate cardboard packaging too! But I was distracted from it slightly by reading the packaging!

  2. I'm with you on the head-desk, it's so irritating when this happens and it seems to getting more common... I got into a fug last week about 'bare with me'.

    1. GAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Don't even get me started.

  3. Those mistakes are egregious enough, that with the plethora of luxury products available today, become enough for me to skip a product entirely.

    1. It made me laugh. And roll my eyes. It's a good product, but yes, I'd like to fund a company that actually pays people to PAY ATTENTION to their jobs.

  4. That palette isn't big enough to contour out my double chin. I am with you on the pedantry though. You would think that companies would get the basics right, especially when you consider how many different teams that this has passed through to get to the shelf.

    1. That is why it is so exasperating - how on earth did this get past quality control?

  5. I really have no idea how this stuff happens! There's got to be someone who's in charge of spell check and it's not like it's a ten page essay they're looking over! Ugh. ANYWAY, contouring is something I've never bothered with; I'm extremely pale, meaning that most contour and bronzing colors aren't suitable. Also, I'm never in a situation 'fancy' enough to deem contouring as appropriate. Plus, cardboard packaging? Not feeling it.


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