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Monday 7 January 2013

Lipstick Queen Saint Wine

Lipstick Queen Saint in Wine may very well be my new most favourite lipstick shade.  I swatched it on Thursday, and HAD to have it.  It's not left my lips since.

In the bullet, it's a deep, deep berry shade, that has a hints of brown and mauve, and, frankly it looks pretty scary.  But the beauty of the Lipstick Queen Saint formulation is that it only has 10%  pigment, and leaves a rather sheer effect on the lips as a result.  Whilst possibly not as cushioning and "balmy" on the lips as my beloved Chantecaille Lip Chics, the Saint lipstick formulation is very, very comfortable in wear, and leaves a nice wash of colour on the lips too.

Yeah, I swatched before I photographed, sorry!
 The beauty of this shade is that, because it is quite sheer, it allows the natural colour of your lips to shine through, in the swatch, it's a little brown-looking, but as my lips are naturally quite pink (and pigmented) this turns it to quite a red shade:

It's an easy-to-wear shade, not too red to feel self-conscious in, and extremely flattering. It's  in Poppy King's signature unscented formulation (such a relief to have unscented products once in a while, I find), and it feels like it's doing your lips good when you're wearing it.

I'm going to have to pick up the Sinner version (90% pigment) too.  As soon as I do, I'll show you a comparison, with lip swatches ....

What's your current favourite lipstick shade?  
The Fine Print: PR Sample.

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  1. I still really like their concept even after those years. I have a Saint in my lip-stash too and it's still good after a couple of years

    1. I think that Lipstick Queen really is one of my favourite brands, there are going to be a few posts about their products this week, regardless!

  2. Why do you write that you swatched this product and 'HAD to have it' when it is a PR sample? I understand why you review PR samples and have no problem with this in principle, but I do slightly object to you writing the review as if you had been compelled to part with your own money on swatching this product, when in reality you didn't pay for it. It seems a little misleading to me. I appreciate you disclosing that the product was a PR sample at the end of the post, but not everyone looks out for this (plus the font is teeny tiny) and in this case it's a little unexpected in the context of what you've written in the body of the post. I do think there is a real difference between being so wowed by a product that you drop the cash there and then and asking the PR to give it to you/choosing from a selection on offer for free (which is what I assume happened, do correct if I'm wrong...).

    1. I appreciate your points, and apologise for the confusion. However, this was a PR sample that turned up after I had swatched it in front of the PR, it was my saying "I HAVE to have this!" as soon as I tried the shade that made the PR send it over a few days later!

      I have, however, since bought the Sinner version of this lipstick, that's how much I like it - and if the PR sample of the Saint version *hadn't* turned up, I'd have bought that at the same time, too. It wasn't my aim to confuse or mislead, simply a (slightly confusing, apologies) example of how much I liked the colour.

      The Fine Print has always been the same size, btw. I've no plans to change it, as that's why it's called The Fine Print ;)

    2. Thanks for clarifying :). I do always look at your fine print - and I'm glad you have it. I have come across a number of blogs that don't declare PR samples at all, even when it's glaringly obvious from the content... it drives me bananas!

  3. My favorite shade at the moment are violets (Serge Lutens #3 and Ellis Faas 104) I have about 4 Sinners from Lipstick Queen (Natural, Neutral, Red, and Wine). I wish she would add a new color to her Sinner/Saint group.

    1. There are ten new shades in the group, just released, Jam! This just happens to be one of the older ones that I just rediscovered, I'll get a full list to post up ASAP. They're online at SpaceNK now though.

    2. Thanks for the info- I looked on the LQ website and didn't notice any new additions. So I will be checking back to you

  4. I haven't tried Wine, fearing that it would be a bit well wine like for my colouring, but have to agree that LQ is my most favourite brand of lipstick, I even ventured into the Sinner range and was delighted at the level of pigmentation without skimping on moisturisation - also I found the Sinner range (I have Sinner Pink) to be a great portable blusher. Want to try Eden next, a sort of bright corally red from what I can discern.


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