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Monday 13 August 2012

Washi Cloths from Lucris.

 It's not a flannel.  Well, not quite, anyway.  I was having a chat over on the other week, and someone was raving about Washi clothes, so naturally, the first thing I did afterwards was hit up Google and discover what they were. I found Lucris, which proudly proclaims itself "the home of the Washi".  And so they are!

Essentially, they're a style of Japanese wash cloth, a little thicker and less scratchy than a muslin cloth, and a little thinner, and slightly more abrasive than a traditional terry-towelling flannel.  My skin is going through one of its more berserk phases at the moment, and muslins are just proving too darn scratchy on my face, (and I don't, personally, like flannels that much) so I indulged and bought myself a couple (or ten) Washi cloths.

The cloths are available in a range of packaging styles, from cute through to plain, but I was more interested in the cloths than the packaging, to be honest, and I've been very impressed, so far.  Even better, so has my face!

The cloths hold heat better than a muslin cloth, so you can give yourself more a steam treatment, and, whilst they're more gentle than a muslin, they will still give you a little exfoliation treatment too.

The cloths are professionally finished, having neatly hemmed edges, and I've discovered that they wash well, too, I stuck them in 40 degree wash, and they came out clean and white, and haven't shed too many fibres.  They're 100% cotton, by the way.

Best of all about these washcloths is the price, you can buy five for £4.25, seven for £5.45, or, as I did, ten for £6.95.  For 69p each, they're insanely hard to beat.  I like having ten, I can use one a day for over a week, then shove them all in the wash, and still have a couple left over. Size wise, they're just about big enough to cover your face, but they're a little smaller than your average face-flannel, to be honest.

Lucris also stock a couple of other things, I treated myself  (well, if you can treat yourself to something that costs 99p) to their spiral cotton buds, which a very cute, and highly useful:

The cotton is nice and tightly packed onto the bud, so they don't shed fibres everywhere, which is my particular bugbear when it comes to cotton buds.  And they're very cute, as these things go!

Image from the Washi Website.

I also acquired a Washi Skin Polishing Towel,  which is considerably bigger and thicker than the original Washi cloths themselves - about 50% bigger than a face-flannel, and it's designed to be used as an exfoliating body-treatment after showering.  It won't dry your entire body - it's too small, FAR too small - but I've found it invaluable for drying off my (dry and scaly) shins after shaving, as it helps get rid of the dry skin which can be irritating if it gets left behind.  The Skin Polishing Towel costs just £1.75 at present (it's normally £2.95), and I'll be picking a few more up - wondering how they will work on my feet!

Customer service from Lucris has been amazing, all orders come with a free gift, and postage is free if you spend more than £20, and their system keeps you updated at all times of the status of your order.  My order was packaged and despatched within a couple of hours of placing it, and I had it 24 hours later, very impressive!  They also dispatch world-wide.

Would you consider giving up your muslins for a washcloth?  I don't think I'll be able to go back to muslins now ...

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  1. I'm a flannel fan, since using one 2 x daily I've been able to do away with physical exfoliation products and my pores hold less gunk. So nothing will make me give up a hot flannel. The skin polishing towel looks interesting though.

  2. I too saw the discussion on so I have in my possession the 10 pack cloths,3 skin polishing cloths and several packs of the delightful dumpling cotton buds which cost me only £12.14 including shipping as they had a discount code during the Olympics.
    I used the skin polishing cloth on my decolletage and was horrified how much Yuck came away on it!!!Need to try it on my papery shins as you have.
    I concur with your comments and recommend Lucris for their cute packaging and great service!

  3. Thanks to Caroline Hirons I am a total convert to the flannel. These look really interesting though, especially as they hold heat better. I like to hold the warm flannel over my face and leave it there for a while. Very relaxing! And they're cheaper than I was expecting too!


  4. I just ordered three packs of the Washi cloths and three Skin Polishng cloths. Thank you for the review and recommendation. I need cloths that can hold heat and exfoliate gently.


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