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Friday, 20 May 2011

It's been a quiet week on Get Lippie, sorry about that! I did notice that whilst I was in Paris I broke the 900 follower barrier though - thank you very much!

What better way to celebrate my return to Blighty than with a little giveaway?

I'm doing one this week, and one next, first up, some cult French skincare:

Yup, one 500ml bottle of Bioderma Crealine, a cleansing water that shifts even the toughest makeup. Everyone who's used it (I've not opened my bottle yet though) absolutely swears by it.

But that's not all! I'll even chuck in a packet of these:

Bioderma Crealine Wipes! Possibly even more mythical than the cleanser itself, both of these products are nigh-on impossible to find in the UK, but one lucky winner can try both of these (purchased out of my own pocket, and, what's more, dragged back across the channel with my own fair hands!) just by telling me what they would have brought back from Paris with them in the comments on this post (alongside a working email address).

Giveaway will end on 27th May, UK entrants only (sorry!) and please be a blog follower. Get Lippie reserves the right to disqualify non-compliant entries, and all decisions are final.

Good luck!


  1. i would have brought back some kind of luxurious rich moistursier from one of the french pharmacies, would have had a look first and decided which suited my budget :)
    thanks for this give away


  2. Make-up-wise I don't know that I'd have brought much back from Paris, as my family live in Luxembourg so I pretty much have access to Sephora et al every time I go home to visit! However, I can't say that I wouldn't have brought back some macaroons...nom nom...although to be fair they wouldn't have made it to the Eurostar! xxx

  3. I would have bought back exactly what you're giving away. Inventive, I know!
    Having seen countless tweets about this Bioderma stuff, it must be pretty damn amazing so that would have been number one on my list. Then maybe some Le Metier De Beaute produts as I have NEVER tried them. You can scold me for that later. Lol.
    Amrita xx

  4. Would've got back the infamous Embryloisse cream! Apparently it is a miracle product! (And some Ladurée macarons!!!) xx

  5. I'm going Paris next weekend and I am planning to haul back with me Bioderma Crealine and lots of pates and french biscuits. The last time I went france, 3/4 of my baggage allowance was food haha.

  6. From Paris I would have brought back some macaroons, a little Eiffel Tower, and a Laudree Macaroons keyring / bag charm

  7. I would've raided the Sephora shop and stocked up on lip glosses and bath products. Jude xx @jadlgw


  8. I would have brought back some
    - gemey (maybelline) makeup remover. It's nothing fancy, just your normal bi-phase stuff but was using this for years when i was living in france and i love it to bits and it's a sentimental affair between me and this product
    - petit bateau white t-shirts
    - coconut and pineapple fruit tea
    - 3 tins of cassoulet (some beans and sausage in a tin)
    - banana jam
    - bourjois chocolate shower gel (you have got to see the cute bottles of bourjois shower gels, omg!!!)
    - yves rocher miniature coconut spray perfumes (it's a bit like bodyshop)
    - yves rocher black eyeliner (big sentimental story here again, first eyeliner of my life)

    oops, i think a visit to paree is well overdue.

  9. Definitely some bits from Sephora, probably their own brand range because they do some great shades, especially of nail polish and a few Laudree Macaroons too.

  10. OH MY GOD, this is EXACTLY what I would've bought back from Paris, seriously, I've wanted to try it for ages - Though I've never heard of the wipes? Eeeh!!

    And some of those macaroon (sp)? things, and perhaps some cheap booze.


    sarahbarton2001@hotmail.com - enter me PLEASE! Excited about this!

  11. i would have bought back lots and lots of make up from Sephora!!


  12. I would have deffo chosen Bioderma to bring back, I have been hunting for this baby for so so long. But I'd love to hunt around those famous french pharmacies, with the best beauty products I've ever used. I'm currently loving La Roche-Posay, so I'd have to bring back something new from the Effaclar range.

  13. Definitely would have got my hands on some of this stuff and also the Embryolisse moisturiser, dying for some of that too!



  14. Oh I'd have brought back a sexy french man, some posh mouldy cheese, good wine and some macaroons. Oh and probably half of sephora too. The first part of this wish list implies the reasons I am banned from France (apparently kidnapping is not allowed. Who knew?).

  15. This is fab! I would definitely have bought back this bioderma, also something from sephora! x


  16. Probably perfume. I always think of heady perfumes when I think of Paris. Most likely some more excess weight too from all the fine dining.

    cutestuff42 at hotmail dot com

  17. I would bring back some macaroons (probably Pierre Herme, since there's a Laduree in London!) and possibly another Sephora mineral powder brush as it's fantastic for applying any sort of powder, and so my lazy self won't have to wash my existing brush quite so often! xxx

  18. wine, cheese, bread, beautiful pastries.... oh and Bioderma and I probably would have raided Sephora in a supermarket sweep style!!



  19. I would probably bring back some bargains from Sephora, although I'm confused as to whether it's cheap or not! Some people get some great cheap stuff, others say it's expensive! Oh and I would bring some of this back and other French skincare delights!
    Thank you for this giveaway :)

  20. Ruth (A Model Recommends)21 May 2011 at 12:09

    Olivier Martinez? Hahaha....



  21. i have not tried this but seen this mentioned on many blogs, so would love to try and see what this is like as it has rave reviews
    i follow your blog via email and via the google follow too
    email is yasminec@aol.com
    thank you

  22. I can't say I know many French brands, and having heard all the hype about Bioderma, I would probably bring back a bottle of this to try out x


  23. I'd have brought back some macaroons from La Duree.. may not be a beauty product but a happy inside makes for a happy outside.


  24. If I went back Paris I would bring back a uber gorgeous French man, Bioderma Crealine, my grand mother, Embryolisse Hydra Mask and some Chanel and Sephora goodies.

  25. Tall dark French stranger (and some pain au chocolat ;)

  26. I would have brought back some chocolate and chanel perfumes from its boutique

  27. I would of brought back embryolisse face cream, bioderma and some make-up from Sephora not sure what tho as sadly I have never been to one before :(


  28. Enter me, please :)
    I would have brought back some Sephora make-up brushes (because everyone always goes on about how good they are) and a tonne of Pierre Herme macarons!

  29. I would have brought back half of Sephora of course! Ooh and some bread and brioche mmmm


  30. I'd have brought home half of sephora, an entire bakery and uh, a poodle. I love poodles.


  31. A suave Parisian man...
    Love your blog

  32. I would've brought back some of that stuff Caroline is always banging on about - P50!


    Thanks xx

  33. I would have brought back a ton of delicious cheese, a big crusty baguette and some Caudalie Contouring Concentrate to help hide the inevitable side-effects!


  34. I would have brought back emryolisse and Bioderma so expensive here aaaaah

    konstantinasamara (at) gmail.com

  35. I would have brought back bioderma and lots of moisturisers

    konstantinasamara(at) gmial.com


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