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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Whoa ... Bodyglide ...

... Bodyglide for yooooooooooouuuuuuu ....

(with apologies to the Bodyform people)
This is the least glamorous product ever featured on a beauty blog! Nonetheless, it's a lifesaver for me, particularly in the summer.

Chafing, ladies and gents, is not sexy.  It's not much fun either, being painful, and in summer it can lead to limited clothing opportunities, owing to the need to dress in a way to minimise rubbing.  For years, I lived in trousers in all weathers simply to avoid my thighs rubbing. In summer, just the thought of wearing a skirt without tights (and thick, black opague tights at that) would make me weep.  Yes, some stores stock what they call "comfort shorts", but that's just an added layer of clothing and kind of defeats the object of wearing a skirt in summer in the first place!

When I was training for a marathon a few years ago (what?  I've done a marathon! And raised nearly £2k for charity whilst I was about it too, stop laughing at the back), I was introduced to Bodyglide by a friend, and I've never been without a tube since.

Essentially a zinc-based balm, it creates a barrier between your skin and any materials that might chafe (or other body parts that rub together), and prevents the friction that causes rashes and discomfort, and as such it's a godsend.  This little tube means I can wear skirts without tights in hot weather, and as it's also great for preventing blisters from strappy shoes, means I can happily trip around town in any combination of sandals and other footwear without fear of blisters or unsightly plasters.  All you do is rub a thin layer - and you really do only need a thin layer - over any areas where you are prone to chafing, or rubbing, and that's it.  I haven't had a foot-blister in about four years now ...

So yes, it's not glam, not sexy, not sparkly or shiny, but it is just plain useful, and a product I couldn't live without it.  I get my Bodyglide (and how can you not love that name?) from where a large tube, which will last you all summer - and beyond, will cost you £8.99.

The Fine Print: I buy two tubes of this a year, a small one for my handbag, and a larger one for the house.  If a PR had suggested I write about this stuff, I'd probably have laughed at the pitch. Oh yes.  But the recent sweltering weather has reminded me just how much of a blessing this stuff is.  So there.

PS apologies for the earworm, 80s kids!

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  1. It may not be glam but I've wondered whether you could get something like this in the UK since I heard of a similar product on a YT video. I'm always slicing my feet in this summer so I NEED this!

  2. Interesting, when I was little with fat thighs Id always chafe and my mum would put zinc cream on me to stop it.
    Now Im older and still have fat thighs it does worry me wearing dresses and skirts without tights.

    I might have to look into this.

    Ms Red


  3. thanks for sharing this, hopefully I may be able to go without leggings this summer now I know about it! xx

  4. Sounds like a godsend! Thanks for the tip.
    I don't have the thigh-chafe issue (no idea why not, because I'm certainly built for it!), but I can't go tight-or-sockless in summer without my shoes rubbing the skin off my feet.So I will certainly try this.

  5. Oooh! I chafe a little bit, but not enough to merit using this stuff, but I didn't know you could use it to stop shoes rubbing! That will be a Godsend! Thanks for the tip! :)

  6. Gosh, never knew this existed, it will be added to my "must get on payday" list.
    Thank you so much xo


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