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Friday, 5 May 2017

Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick


Now, I'm not a particularly sweaty person, and I'm not usually a particularly smelly one either. Except … when I use this, the Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick, I apparently am. 


The deodorant stick promises "clinically tested all day odor protection"  with  "no aluminum, parabens, phthalates or or propylene glycol".  It uses a mix of zinc, cornstarch and baking soda, and (I must say)  it smells amazing. The lavender scent is gorgeous, a herby-menthol woosh of cool and calming lavender, it's a joy to apply, smooth, silky, it doesn't drag, and feels lovely on the pits. 

But. It. Doesn't. Bloody. Work. 

At. All. 


You.  Will. Smell. 


You get, maybe, an hours smell-protection *tops*.   I noticed earlier this week that I was getting a bit whiffy towards lunchtime (and bear in mind I have a smell disability that renders body-smells almost entirely  "invisible" to me - so if *I* could smell it, god alone knows how "fragrant" I have been to others!), but even in spite of scrupulous daily pit hygiene (as a recovering anosmic, multiple pit washings and deodorant applications are a daily - paranoid - fact of life), this stuff is a dud. A big, fat, SMELLY dud. 

Shame, I'd been hoping to move from the "triple strength" chemical, aluminium-heavy stuff I've been relying on for the last couple of years since I lost my sense of smell, but it looks like this was not the greatest place to start.

Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick? You STINK. 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Triple Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant

I'm largely recovered from my parosmia now, which is a huge relief.  However, one of the few "joys" of a life-changing smell disorder was that not only couldn't I smell myself, I couldn't smell anyone else either, which made travelling on the tube during hot weather a more pleasant place for me than it did for ... "normal" smellers!  Ironically, even though I'm almost entirely recovered, I still can't smell mysel.  Or you.  Or that git on the tube who apparently hasn't washed his pits for the last three months.

Anyhoo, I've written about Triple Dry before, and I'm still a big fan, but I just noticed the roll-on version a couple of weeks ago, and I think I actually prefer it to the stick version that I reviewed previously.  The stick version is unscented, which was a huge requirement for me at the time, but the Fresh version is nice for just giving a gentle hint of "nice smell" to my pits (which I can actually detect, so know I've applied, if/when I do a smell-check) but still has the great protection benefits.  Essentially, you could (potentially) apply this just every three days, after a week of night-time applications and it would still keep you both dry and fresh even without daily applications!  I still use mine daily, but I don't worry so much now if I realise I've forgotten a day when I get to the office now.

For someone with parosmia-paranoia, Triple Dry is a lifesaver.  Even for someone who can smell normally it's still a damn good antiperspirant - my pits have stayed dry and fresh even in the current stupidly hot-spell, and for that, I am hugely grateful. And might you be if you came across me on the tube recently ...

 At £6.45 for 50mls at Boots, I'm not going to deny that it's on the pricey side for a deodorant/anti perspirant product, but for the security and peace of mind it gives, it's worth every single penny.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Triple Dry Anti-Perspirant

You may or may not know this, but I have a bit of a smell problem at the moment. No, not like that, but my parosmic condition means that I can't smell myself (I can't smell you, either, don't worry), and not only can I not smell myself, I can't smell any of the smells I produce, either.  Any of them.  Not a one.  No, not even that one.  Seriously.

Now, whilst this makes the early evening commute more of a pleasure because I can't smell other passenger's BO, or stinky feet in the summer, it can make me a bit paranoid. Well, let's face it, just because *I* can't smell myself doesn't mean other people can't either.  It's a bit awkward, to say the least.  Oh, I'm clean, I still shower, and I still use perfume (some of which I can actually smell, a bit, but more about that in another post), but ... yes, I worry.  So would you, I assure you.

So the last few months have seen me move to a more hardcore kind of an armpit product, and I've been trialling Triple Dry for  a while now, and I have to say that for my requirements, it's really good.  Triple Dry is actually an anti-perspirant, and its unique selling point is that you only need to apply it three times a week.   Apparently, you're supposed to apply it nightly for four nights, shower as normal in the mornings (it's waterproof) and then after that, you apply it every two or three days as you would a normal deodorant product. It kills the bacteria that produce odour, so you don't need a different scented product to go with it.

I like it because it is unscented, and as such both doesn't irritate my irritable nose, and doesn't clash with any of the limited scented products that I do apply.  I have to admit that I do not use it in the way you are supposed to - being as paranoid as I am, I can't trust it that much - I use it as I would any deodorant/antiperspirant, going for a daily swipe in my clean pits.  So far, no problems, and on the odd occasion where I have forgotten to apply (happens to the best of us!), no problems then, either.  I go through an elaborate "how do I smell" ritual with my husband in the morning - parosmia does rather tend to strip one of one's dignity at times - and he's had no issues.

It's on the pricey side for an antiperspirant - I prefer the stick version to any other, which is the priciest of all - coming in at around £7.50 or so, but it lasts well, mine is several months old now, which when you consider I'm using it two or three times more than I'm supposed to, is pretty good going.  And hey, what price trust?

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Deo Perfume Candy - Edible Deodorant?

 Ever wanted to smell good enough to eat?  Well ...

Now you can.  Kind of.  Possibly. Maybe!  We're not sure. Anyway.  Cybercandy sent me this little box of Bulgarian Deo Candy, which contains rose extract (said, in Japanese studies, to be excreted in your sweat after ingestion) and claims to perfume your pits for up to six hours after munching!  Here at Lippie Towers, we decided to try a little science for ourselves, and put the claims to the test.

Well, we say science, it was more like sitting around on a Sunday afternoon eating sweeties then sniffing each other, but, instead of calling it "a normal Sunday afternoon with the Lippies*", for the purposes of this review, the title "science" will just have to do ...

The sweeties are pretty tasty.  I expected them to be rose-flavoured, akin to a hard-boiled Turkish Delight, but they're actually orange-y, and rather sherbety too.  Very nice, in fact. Bit crunchy. I didn't tell MrL what he was eating (although his face when I pointed out it was "edible deodorant" a bit later on was worthy of a blog post in itself, frankly), and we both enjoyed them.  After an hour or so, we had a sniff of each others pits.

Man, the things I do for this blog, seriously.

So, how did we smell?  Well, not that different to normal, really.  Possibly slightly sweeter than usual,  but there was no gust of Bulgarian rosy pits that we could discern, alas.  I'm slightly disappointed, but hey!  Sweeties!

For £1.85 you can have literally minutes of fun wit these, and possibly smell a bit nicer ... I did actually notice that my breath was a bit sweeter after eating these, so maybe a better breath freshener, as well as a nice taste sensation. 

You can find Deo Perfume Candy here
* We do our perfume testing on a Sunday. And MrL is a chocoholic.  SHUT UP.

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